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       Protech Medical's FULL Mobile X-Ray Barrier.       

Protech Medical! The CLEAR-Pb Mobile X-Ray Full Barrier provides a full-body shield for the doctor or R.T. The optically clear, lead-plastic viewing panel provides exceptional visibility and 0.5mm lead equivalent protection. The shatter resistance and durability of CLEAR Pb ensures long life under heavy use.

The CLEAR Pb window rests on an opaque lower panel with smooth-rolling casters allowing the barrier to be moved easily.

The full barrier has been redesigned with a lighter weight for easier handling and reduced shipping cost.

Shipped unassembled, the barrier is simple to put together with just a screwdriver and wrench.

  • Dimensions: 72" High x 28" Wide x 24 Deep
  • Window Size: 55" High x 28" Wide
  • Protection: 0.5mm Pb (Acrylic and Base)

  • Half Acrylic Barrier
    Diagnostic X-Ray procedures frequently require working personnel to remain in the examination room, where they are subject to exposure from secondary radiation. X-Ray procedures performed in remote locations, such as in operating rooms and intensive or cardiac care units, often require greater protection from such exposure.

    Although lead aprons are used for protection, a full-height radiation barrier provides practically total-body shielding during extended procedures. Unfortunately, most barriers have small lead-glass windows, which limit the user's field of view and freedom of movement.

    CLEAR-Pb Mobile X-Ray Barriers are the ideal alternative to such old-fashioned shielding. Their optically clear, lead-plastic windows provide exceptional visibility over a wide field of view. The shatter-resistance and durability of CLEAR-Pb ensure long life under heavy use.

  • Specifications: 72" High x 28" Wide x 24" Deep

  • Window Size: 24" High x 28" Wide
  • Protection: 0.5mm Pb
  • Weight: 68 lbs.

  • Surgical Accessory Package for Full Barrier:
  • Available with attachable foot pedal tray for C-Arm and table remote controls.
  • Stainless steel crossbar for extra control panels and ease of movement.
  • Locking Wheels for permanent positioning.

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    Clear-Pb Mobile X-Ray Full Barrier
    72" High x 28" Wide x 24" Deep
    55" High x 28" Wide
    Surgical Accessory Package for Full Barrier
    Clear-Pb Half Acrylic Barrier
    72" High x 28" Wide x 24" Deep
    24" High x 28" Wide

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