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       Clear Lead® Mobile Radiation Shields.       

Wolf! X-Ray Corporation
Clear Lead® Mobile Radiation Shield
Wolf's Clear Lead® Mobile X-Ray Barriers provide a full-body shield for the doctor or radiologic technologist. The optically clear, lead-plastic panel provides exceptional visibility. The shatter resistance and durability of Clear Lead® ensures long life under heavy use. The Clear Lead window rests on an opaque lower panel and smooth-rolling casters allow the barrier to be easily positioned or moved from room to room.

30 Inch Wide Clear Lead® Barriers
The 30 inch Clear Lead® barrier can safely protect one or two people. The upper Clear Lead section provides 0.5mm lead equivalency protection. The lower opaque panel provides 0.8mm LEP.
The 30 inch barriers are offered in 3 window heights: 24", 48" and 54.5".

30 Inch Barrier Specifications:
Overall Size: 75"H x 31"W x 25" D.
  • 56603-W: Lead Plastic Panel is 24"H x 30"W
  • 56606-W: Lead Plastic Panel is 48"H x 30"W
  • 56604-W: Lead Plastic Panel is 54.5"H x 30"W

  • 48 Inch Wide Clear Lead® Barriers
    The 48 inch Clear Lead® barrier can safely protect two or three people.
    The 56600-W Barrier has a 30"H x 48"W Clear Lead plastic panel that provides 0.5mm LEP and an opaque lower panel that provides 0.8mm LEP.
    The 56605-W Deluxe Barrier has a 36"H x 48"W Clear Lead plastic panel that provides 1.0mm LEP and a lower opaque panel that provides 1.5mm LEP.

    48 Inch Barrier Specifications:
    Overall Size: 75"H x 49"W x 25" D
  • 56600-W: Lead Plastic Panel is 30"H x 48"W
  • 56605-W: Lead Plastic Panel is 36"H x 48"W

  • Stock #
    Window Size /
    Window Lead Equiv.
    Lower Opaque
    Panel Lead Equiv.
    Your Price
    30" Wide Clear Lead
    Plastic Barrier
    75"H x 31"W x 25" D
    24"h x 30"w / 0.5mm
    30" Wide Clear Lead
    Plastic Barrier
    75"H x 31"W x 25" D
    48"h x 30"w / 0.5mm
    30" Wide Clear Lead
    Plastic Barrier
    75"H x 31"W x 25" D
    54.5"h x 30"w / 0.5mm
    48" Wide Clear Lead
    Plastic Deluxe Barrier
    75"H x 49"W x 25" D
    30"h x 48"w / 0.5mm
    48" Wide Clear Lead
    Plastic Deluxe Barrier
    75"H x 49"W x 25" D
    36"h x 48"w / 1.0mm

           Mobile Adjustable Height Clear Lead Acrylic Barrier.       
    Wolf! X-Ray Corporation
    The Adjustable Height Clear-Pb Barrier allows the user to position the clear lead at any height level between 45¼” and 74”. By use of an internal counter-balancing mechanism, the clear lead can be moved up or down with minimal effort. The overall width of the base is 31 inches and provides 1.0mm lead equivalent protection.
    The upper 28-inch wide clear lead provides 0.5mm equivalency protection.

    This strong yet lightweight barrier is convenient to use for dozens of applications.

    The 7” legs and casters facilitate easy transport ensuring you will get maximum usage from it. When completely closed, the barrier is easy to store.

    If you scratch your Clear-Pb contact us and we’ll send you a free tube of NOVUS #2 plastic polish

    Stock #
    Base Width
    Clear Acrylic
    Lead Equiv.
    Your Price
    45 1/2" to 68"
    Clear Upper is 0.50mm
    Lower is 1.0mm

           Wolf's Adjustable Mobile Shield.       

    Wolf! X-Ray Corporation
    Designed to protect the patient against scattered radiation, the Wolf Mobile Shield is ideal for chest, skull and spine radiography. The Screen is made of lead vinyl with a .50mm lead protection and is attractively covered on both sides by easy to maintain vinyl. It is 24" (60cm) wide and is adjustable with a minimum height of 24" (60cm) and a maximum height of 48" (122cm). It's mounted on a durable chrome finished frame and rolls easily on 4 conductive casters.

    Specifications: 48"H (open) x 30"H (closed) x 26"W x 18"D (at base).
    Approx. shipping weight: 30 lbs.

    Stock #
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    Mobile Frame w/"Apron" Shield
    Replacement "Apron" Only

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