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       Computed Tomography Head Phantom.       

Radiology Support Devices!
  • Anthropomorphic
  • Molded Around Skull
  • Checks Important Physical Parameters
  • Provides Realistic System Check
  • Ideal For Training
  • Polycarbonate Base Dimensioned For Scans Parallel or Perpendicular to Longitudinal Axis

  • SECTION A: Aluminum plates, 0.4mm thick, set at a 45° angle, measure beam width and slice thickness.

    SECTION B: The dosimetry section provides patient-exposure controls, and checks on abnormal internal doses before actual patient scans. Customization to accommodate TLD with rods or chips is available.

    SECTION C: Cylindrical tumors of graded sizes and radiodensities establish high and low-contrast resolution and demonstrate partial beam-averaging effects.

    SECTION D: The anthropomorphic section provides actual auditory ossicles in an air-contrast inner ear and a fractured petrous bone. Small tumors in the posterior fossa are placed in an area which most scanners image with difficulty.

    SECTION E: 1/4 Inch diameter aluminum rod on the phantom's longitudinal axis, checks general alignment, and "DryWater" gives a realistic "noise check."

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    CT Head with 5 slices to test all parameters of computerized tomography
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