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The ability to perform unlimited x-rays on a Sectional Phantom enables the user to learn how different imaging variables will affect the final image.

** These sectional phantoms are constructed with a natural human skeleton cast inside a proprietary urethane material that has the same effective atomic number as the body's soft tissue. The skeleton material is skilfully reconstructed and adjusted by technicians to overcome any natural asymmetry and for fit within the mold.

As a result, the phantom material is radiologically equivalent to soft tissue. The material is virtually indestructible, capable of withstanding substantial impact and continuous handling without damage. The joints in each Sectional Phantom also have a fixed degree of natural flexion.

** Skeletons - When available phantoms use natural human skeletons, skillfully reconstructed and adjusted to overcome any natural lack of symmetry, distorted joints, etc. and fit within the mold. Call for availability at time or order.

Sectional Phantom Sets:

  • SP500 Includes all 11 Sectional Phantoms which cover the full body anatomy.
  • SP400 Head, Chest and Lower Torso Sectional Set.
  • SP300 Chest and Lower Torso Sectional Set

  • NOTE: Sectional Phantoms can be purchased individually or in money saving sets. Only Sectional Sets are shipped in permanent painted plywood storage cases.

    SK150 Head - The skull and cervical vertebrae are cast into the head phantom with an internal air cavity to represent the oral, pharynx and trachea anatomy.

    SK100 Skull Phantom - The skull only is cast into the head phantom with an internal air cavity to represent the oral, pharynx and trachea anatomy.

    SK200 Thorax - The Thorax Phantom contains the chest and shoulder skeletal structures including the upper third of the humerus. The lungs' lower density is duplicated with the special atomically correct material used in our RANDO® Phantom lungs, which has an atomic number and specific gravity of human lungs at a median respiratory state. This material is formed to the contours of the rib cage.
    Includes 12 vertebrae, no diaphragm.
    SK250 Lower Torso - The lumbar vertebrae, pelvis and upper third of the femur is cast into our Lower Torso

    Phantom. A hollow cavity reproduces the interior of the sigmoid flexure with diverticulum and rectum. This cavity is connected to the surface by a duct which is sealed with an o-ring screw cap. The cavity may be filled with contrast media. It is not discernible when filled with water.
    The number of vertebrae can be specified at time or order. Typically 2 are included. If larger phantom with more are required, request same at time of order.
    XA231R and XA231L Hands - The Hand Phantoms contain the lower third of the radius and ulna along with the carpal and finger bones. XA231R is Right hand in the Relaxed position, XA231P is left hand in Pronated position.

    XA235R and XA235L Elbows - The Elbow Phantoms contain the lower third of the humerus and upper third of the radius and ulna. The right elbow has a 90-degree flexion and the left elbow is extended.

    XA245R and XA245L Knees - The Knee Phantoms contain the lower third of the femur and the upper third of the fibula and tibia bones. The right knee is in 90° flexion and the left is extended.

    XA241R and XA241L Feet - The Feet Phantoms contain the lower third of the tibia and fibula along with all the bones of the feet. The left foot is relaxed and the right foot is in plantar flexion.

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    Complete Sectional Phantom
    (11 sectionals)
    Limited Availability, call.
    Phantom Head, Chest and Lower
    Torso Set (3 sectionals)
    Limited Availability, call.
    Phantom Chest and Lower
    Torso Set (2 sectionals)
    Limited Availability, call.
    Elbow extended, left
    Elbow 90° flexion, right
    Left Hand pronated,
    Right Hand relaxed,
    Hand Relaxed w/Tubing Loop
    Hand Pronated w/Tubing Loop
    Knee extended, left
    Knee 90° flexion, right
    Foot relaxed, left
    Foot in plantar flexion,
    Foot relaxed w/Tubing Loop
    Foot in plantar flexion w/Tubing Loop
    Skull phantom (no cervical
    Limited Availability, call.
    Head Phantom (with upper
    cervical vertebrae)
    Limited Availability, call.
    Chest phantom
    Limited Availability, call.
    Lower torso phantom
    Limited Availability, call.
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