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       NEMA® SCA&I Cardiovascular/Fluoroscopic Benchmark Phantom.       

Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc! For voluntary compliance with NEMA XR 21

  • Designed for voluntary compliance with NEMA XR 21
  • Simulates coronary arteries for infant through large adult
  • Evaluate spatial resolution, motion unsharpness and exposure for the entire imaging system

  • The CIRS Model 901 NEMA SCA&I phantom was designed to evaluate and standardize catheterization image quality. It is

    the result of collaborative efforts between the Society for Cardiac Angiography and Interventions and the National Electric Manufacturers Association. The phantom specifically enables voluntary compliance with the recently published performance standard NEMA XR 21.

    The Model 901 is manufactured from PMMA with x-ray absorption properties similar to soft tissue at diagnostic energies. It contains a variety of static and dynamic test targets for objective assessment of resolution, motion unsharpness and radiation exposure. The sectional design allows for configuration in a wide range of thicknesses from 5 cm to 30 cm simulating PA thicknesses from infants to large adult patients.

    The phantom is ideal for routine assessment of the entire imaging system.

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    NEMA SCA&I Cardiovascular Fluoroscopy Benchmark Phantom, (Case included.)
    NEMA SCA&I Plate 01
    NEMA SCA&I Plate 08A at 238mm
    NEMA SCA&I Plate Rotating Spoke Target
    NEMA SCA&I Test Stand
    NEMA SCA&I Base Assembly
    NEMA SCA&I Plate 19 with Slot to accommodate 903-06, 903-07 or 903-08 Artery and Bone Blocks
    220 Volts Step Down Converter

           NEMA® Cardiology Phantom.       

    Fluke Biomedical, Inc.
  • Independent confirmation provides reassurance of an optimally working system
  • Quick evaluation: the machine is tested in its clinical configuration
  • Verification that the system actually needs to be serviced, allowing you to save time, money and avoid more serious problems later on
  • Ease-of-use: Anyone with technical knowledge can do the tests to determine if corrective action is necessary
  • Peace of mind to make sure that you are getting just what you paid for.

  • Introduction
    The NEMA Cardiology Phantom was designed by collaboration with SCA&I to provide a cardiovascular fluoroscopy benchmark phantom. It is used to test systems under conditions simulating normal clinical use for fluoroscopically guided invasive and interventional procedures.

    The phantom test ensemble includes tests for imaging-field geometry, spatial resolution, and low-contrast iodine detectability, working thickness range, motion unsharpness and phantom entrance dose.

    Test objects are positioned at the center of the NEMA Cardiology Phantom. This simulates the location of clinically important organs. The NEMA Cardiology Phantom, positioned with its center at the x-ray system's isocenter, simulates clinical imaging geometry. Therefore, the geometric magnification of the test objects is similar to that of the clinical target. The receptor blur, focal spot penumbra blur and x-ray scatter are also similar in test and clinical conditions. The entrance surface of a thick phantom is closer to the x-ray tube than the entrance surface of a thin phantom. This is an additional reason why patient (phantom) dose increases with phantom thickness.

  • Visualized field: size A plate is placed on the entrance surface of the image receptor. The plate is fluorographed to determine the actual field of view (FOV).
  • Congruence of irradiated and visualized fields: This test is not needed if the shutters are fully seen in the FOV under test. (CAUTION: digitally synthesized shutters may simulate this effect without actual beam collimation.)
  • Spatial resolution: A standard bar pattern insert is included in the central test plate. The test plate is placed with the bars at 45° to the video lines or digital image matrix. This produces the smallest change in the moirĂ© pattern, resulting from a small change in angle. See Figures 2 and 3
  • Low contrast detectability: Four sets of holes with diameters of 4, 3, 2, and 1 mm are filled with elemental

  • iodine dispersed in epoxy. The relative areal concentration of iodine in the four patterns is 20, 10, 5, 2.5 mg/cm2. The test operator is required to identify the smallest visible pair of targets in each pattern. See Figure 4
  • Visibility of moving structures: A rotating spoke target allows visual evaluation of motion unsharpness and the effects of temporal averaging. The device contains five steel wires of different diameters (0.022, 0.016, 0.012, 0.009 and 0.005 inches or 0.56, 0.41, 0.30, 0.23, 0.13 mm). Two lead dots are used to evaluate lag and recursive filtering. Rotation speed is 30 revolutions/min. The linear velocity of the outer lead dot is 200 mm/sec. The rotating disk replaces the central test plate at the isocenter. See Figure 5
  • Dosimetry tools: The NEMA Cardiology Phantom entrance exposure rate is measured at a standardized position in front of the entrance surface of the phantom (25mm). This position is considered an acceeptable choice for this particular benchmarking phantom. The phantom can also be configured to generate the FDA measuring point (30 cm in front of the image receptor). See Figure 6
  • Working thickness range: The ability to image structures overlaid by bone or air. Systems with inadequate single-image latitude are unable to do this in bright (air) or dark (bone) portions of the image. The NEMA Cardiology Phantom contains eight cylinders composed of different heights of air, aluminum and plastic. These cylinders are calibrated for a total 20 cm phantom thickness. A 50 mm deep air challenge target overlaps the four air cylinders. The bright side dynamic range is determined by how many of these targets are seen. A 5 mm lead challenge target overlaps the four aluminum cylinders. The dark side dynamic range is determined by counting these targets. See Figure 4

  • How does the NEMA Cardiology Phantom actually work?
    The field size plate is placed on top of the phantom. A second plate with a centered radiopaque dot is placed in the base. The imaging gantry is adjusted until the cross wires intersect the approximate center of the disk. See Figure 7
    - Photographs A and B demonstrate acceptable alignment of the NEMA phantom.
    - In fluorograph A, the spatial resolution test plate and several of the low contrast detectability targets are shown. Both lines cross at the dot.
    - Fluorograph B shows both lines crossing at the dot. (The test plates have been removed.)
    - Fluorographs C and D demonstrate poor alignment of the NEMA phantom.
    - In fluorograph C, the spatial resolution test plate and several of the low contrast detectability targets are also seen in this image. The instersection of the two lines is outside the dot.
    - Fluorograph D shows the instersection of the two lines outside the dot. (The test plates have been removed.)

    Included accessories: Phantom, rotation target (110 V or 22 V), test stand, alignment pins, x-ray test pattern, and carrying case.

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    NEMA® Cardiology Phantom, consists of phantom, rotating target (110 or 220 V),
    test stand, alignment pins, x-ray test pattern, and carrying case.
    NEMA®/SCAI Phantom less Res Target,Case & Spoke Tool
    NEMA® SCA & I Rotating Target and Motor Kit
    Consists of Target & Motor.

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