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       HVL Filter Testing Sets.       
Because type-1100 aluminum is only 99.0% pure, the remaining 1% of impurities can give an HVL value which is up to 7.5% lower than those measured with pure aluminum.

When doing HVL measurements with a mammography unit, it is recommended that the highest purity aluminum be used. The "Ultra-High Purity" version satisfies this recommendation.

Typical Weight: 0.15 lbs (0.06 kg)

Filter size fits filters that are 100mm X 100mm.

Quanity discounts available on orders of 10+ of the same model.

Stock #
Kit Contains
Physical Dimensions
Material Type
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Standard Purity Aluminum HVL Filter Set
4 qty 0.1mm
2 qty 0.5mm
5 qty 1.0mm
10cm x 10cm
Type 1100 Aluminum
Standard Purity Aluminum HVL Single Filter
10cm x 10cm
Type 1100 Aluminum
High Purity Aluminum HVL Filter Set For Mammo
6 qty 0.1mm
10cm x 10cm
Ultra High Aluminum
Copper HVL Attenuator Set
4 qty 0.1mm
2 qty 0.5mm
4 qty 1.0mm
7cm x 7cm or
10cm x 10cm
High Purity Copper
1x Sheet
CA110 Copper
Filter HOLDER only, fits 100mm x 100mm (10cm)

       HVL Filter Testing Set.       

Pro-Project! Sets of high and standard purity aluminium and/or copper plates for testing Half Value Layer. (HVL)

  • Dimensions: 89 x 89mm or 100 x 100mm, as noted below.
  • Standard set: 5 x 1.0mm, 2 x 0.5mm, 4 x 0.1mm, aluminium purity 99.5%
  • Mammography Aluminum Set: 6 x 0.1mm, aluminium purity 99.9%
  • High Purity Copper Set: 1x 2.0mm, 2x 1.0mm, 1x 0.5mm, 1x 0.25mm, 4x0.1mm

    Stock #
    Your Price
    HVL Standard Aluminum Set
    Set of
    5x 1.0mm
    2x 0.5mm
    4x 0.1mm
    HVL Standard Aluminum Set
    Set of
    5x 1.0mm
    2x 0.5mm
    4x 0.1mm
    HVL Standard Aluminum Set
    89mm or 100mm
    Set of
    10x 1.0mm
    HVL Mammography Set
    Set of
    6x 0.1mm
    HVL High Purity Cu Filter Set
    99.9% M1E copper
    Set of
    1x 2.0mm
    2x 1.0mm
    1x 0.5mm
    1x 0.25mm
    4x 0.1mm

  •        HVL Filter Holder and Filter Sets.       

    Ludlum Measurements, Inc! The new Ludlum L-435 HVL Filter Holder is designed to simplify the routine HVL measurement process. For years the method of attaching the HVL filters to the x-ray collimator involved using large quantities of medical/surgical tape. While tape does do the job, it also tends to destroy the thinner aluminum filters; particularly the high purity mammography filters.

    The Model L-435 HVL Filter Holder eliminates the need to use tape to attach the HVL filters to the collimator housing.

    The Filter Holder consists of a polycarbon base 9.5" x 9.5". Permanently bonded to the center of the base plate is an acrylic pocket, open on one side and designed to hold a standard or high purity Al Filter set. The polycarbon material is easily cut with a standard utility knife or sheers to accommodate the two most common collimator track sizes in a given department. The base may also be attached with the provided hook & loop type strips for odd sized collimators. In either case the filters themselves are protected from damage associated with the application and removal of heavy medical/surgical tape.

    99-9427: The CR/DR TG-116 Filter Holder Set is designed to simplify the filtration requirements needed to achieve the needed beam hardening conditions necessary to reach the desired Exposure DI for the various anatomical views being established.
    The copper filter is permanently bonded to the polycarbonate base material. The copper filter is covered with an acrylic pocket. The pocket, open on one side, will hold all the provided filters. The polycarbonate material is easily cut with a standard utility knife or sheers to accommodate the two most common collimator track sizes in a given department.

    Base Material: Polycarbonate 9.5" x 9.5"
    Filter Pocket: Acrylic, 10.2 mm x 10.2 mm x 9 mm H
    Plate Size: 10cm x 10cm

    Stock #
    Your Price
    HVL Filter Holder for filters sized 100mm x 100mm
    Standard Aluminum HVL Filter Set consists of 11 plates:
    5 are 1.0mm
    2 are 0.5mm
    4 are 0.1mm
    Ultra High Purity Aluminum HVL Filter Set
    6 plates: all are 0.1mm
    Copper HVL Filter Set of 10 plates:
    4 are 1.0mm
    2 are 0.5mm
    4 are 0.1mm
    Kit Includes:
    4 High Purity Aluminum Plates
    1 Laminated Lead Plate
    4 Copper Plates
    1 Resolution Plate
    2 Sets of Spacing Rods
    0.5mm Copper Filter 20 Pack
    0.5mm Copper Filter 30 Pack
    TG-51 Linac Filter
    CR/DR TG-116 Filter Holder Set
    4x 1mm Alum. Filters
    1x 0.5mm Alum. filter
    1 copper filter, perm. bonded.

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