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       Source-Ray High Frequency DIRECT-DIGITAL Portable X-Ray System.       

The SR-130D Direct Capture Digital Portable X-Ray system was designed for today's demands of general radiography, trauma and bedside care. The SR-130D utilizes Canon Medical System's CXDI-50G large format 14" x 17" x-ray sensor panel. Direct-Digital eliminates the need for film, chemistry, processors, id imprinting, film storage, darkroom, safelights, film bins, processor maintenance and many more expenses. At the same time, digital allows you to transfer images to remote locations over data networks easily. It allows you to "tweak" or enhance images after they are taken and much, much more.

  • Large Imaging Area - Convenient 14" x 17" Format
  • Versatile Positioning - Once in place, the digital detector provides high resolution digital images that can be stored on disc or sent to an off-site radiologist for diagnostic clinical evaluation.
  • Compact Design - The compact design allows the SR-130D to be used for a wide range of X-ray applications.
  • Protective Storage - Convenient storage box provides protection for the digital panel and grid adapter when not in use or during transportation.

  • The SR-130D system has an integrated touch screen computer with integral keyboard for selecting Anatomical Programming or manual selection of x-ray techniques. It also provides the ability to export study lists to PACS systems for clinical history and follow-up exams. The SR-130D is DICOM 3 compatible.

  • Easy Data Entry - Enter patient data using convenient touch screen panel.
  • Anatomical Programming - Select Anatomical Region of interest. Then Anatomical View.
  • Fast Results - View Image immediately. Magnify or Enhance image

  • with on-board tools.
  • Manual Over-Ride - Over-Ride any pre-programmed technique easily and quickly.

  • The Model SR-130D brings digital radiography directly to the patient. With a portable sensor designed for patient comfort and quick access to images, the SR-130D provides unmatched speed and efficiency for diagnosing even the most critically ill patients.

    Generator: HF resonant inverter - 3.0 kW
    Line Voltage: 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
    kVp Range: 40 - 100 kVp, adjustable in 1 kV increments - closed loop regulation
    mA range: Fixed, 15 mA and 30 mA - closed loop regulation
    mAs Range: 0.15 - 120
    Exposure Time: 0.01 - 4.00 seconds
    Indicators: Digital display of kVp, mAs and Time, X-Ray, Ready, mA Station and Fault Indicators

    Exposure Switch: Detachable two position switch

    X-Ray Tube: Stationary Anode 100 kVp
    Filtration: 2.7 mm al minimum
    Target Material: Tungsten
    Anode Capacity: 30,000 HU Storage
    Focal Spot: 1.0 mm
    Target Angle: 15°

    Collimator: Advantech R72/32-ET
    Tape Measure: SID Measurement
    Inclinometer: Angle Measurement

    Computer: RDP Health
    CPU: P4 2.0 GHZ
    Drive: 40GB
    Display: 15" TFT (Touch Screen)
    Ports: 10/100 Base T

    Digital Panel: Canon CXDI Series
    Method: Scintillator + Amorphous Silicon (a-Si)
    Sensor: Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Flat Panel Sensor
    Grid: Attachable (Source-Ray grid)
    Application: Portable
    Pixels: 2,208 x 2,688 pixels (5.9 million pixels)
    Image size: Automatic sizing up to 14 x 17 inches
    Pixel pitch: 160 x 160 microns
    A/D: 14-bit
    Grayscale: 4,096 (12-bit) grayscale
    Sensor Unit: (W x L x T) 19.3 x 19.9 x 0.9 inches, 10.6 lbs
    System Weight: 175 lbs / 79 kg

    Optional Equipment

    Grid Adapter: Attachable (Canon CXDI grid) 8:1, 103 L, 110 cm focus, with software which removes virtually all grid lines from the final image.
    MDR Express: MDR Express records DICOM images (CD or DVD Format) in their original digital format, so there is no resolution loss. Installs a DICOM viewer application on each disc, allowing for easy image viewing.
    Mobile Access: Saves images in DICOM-3 format and Station Image encryption (HIPPAA). Provides patient demographics to portable unit.
    DR Image Viewer: (Basic Workstation) Features pixel-to-pixel display for viewing high resolution life-size images in addition to multi-study viewing for quick comparisons with other DR exams.
    DR Image Viewer: (Additional Viewing) allows software to be loaded on additional remote computers.
    DR Image Viewer: (Stitching Application) Application for stitching multiple images together.

    Limited Three Year Warranty (Digital Based Systems)

    Source-Ray, Inc. warrants its Model SR-130D Direct Capture Digital Portable X-Ray System to be free of manufacturing defects, which can impair their normal operation when used within their specified ratings. Claims under this warranty must be made within 3 years after shipment from the factory. Such warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from accidents, alterations, abuse or misuse. X-Ray Tube, Digital Flat Panel Sensor, Touch Screen Computer and Collimator warranty is limited to that provided by the manufacturer. Liability under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of defective components at the factory. Shipping costs are not included. This warranty is in lieu of any other warranty expressed or implied. Collimator bulbs, exposure and line cord assemblies, interconnect cables and tires are considered normal wear and tear and are not covered under this limited warranty.

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    Portable Digital X-Ray System Model SR-130D/55G - 3 kW Direct Digital Capture, 100 kV/30mA, 15/30 mA stations, microprocessor controlled, Collimare Collimator w/Laser Cross-Hairs, Folding Travel Stand w/Integral Panel Storage Box, Canon CXDI-55G (14" x 17") Flat Panel Detector, 15" TFT (Touch Screen) Computer, Canon Control Software w/ MLT - Image Enhancement Software and On-Site applications training.
    Portable Digital X-Ray System Model SR-130D/55C - 3 kW Direct Digital Capture, 100 kV/30mA, 15/30 mA stations, microprocessor controlled, Collimare Collimator, Folding Travel Stand w/Integral Panel Storage Box, Canon CXDI-55C (14" x 17") Flat Panel Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator Detector, 15" TFT (Touch Screen) Computer, Canon Control Software w/ MLT - Image Enhancement Software and On-Site applications training.
    Optional: Source-Ray Grid Adapter - 14" x 17", 8:1 103 Line 110 cm Focus
    Optional: Canon DR Image Viewer Software - Database Mangement Software
    Optional: Canon DR Image Viewer Software - Stitching Application Software
    Optional: DICOM Modality Worklist - Management Software

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