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       Ludlum Model 375 Series Radiation Area Monitors.       
Ludlum Measurements, Inc! FEATURES:
  • Affordable Digital Controller
  • Adapts to a Wide Variety of Detectors
  • Programmable Alarms and Units of Measure
  • Networkable
  • Battery Backup

    The Model 375 is a versatile, compact and very affordable digital electronic controller designed for monitoring radiation in areas. Its simple design accommodates many different detectors suiting a wide variety of applications and is equipped with a local readout and alarms. These versatile units may also be connected to an optional auxiliary indicator/annunciators for alerting personnel at remote locations. The user-friendly, digital design enhances setup and operation. These units may also be networked to a central PC-based station where data are logged and alarms posted.

    INDICATED USE: Area monitoring
    SUGGESTED DETECTORS: GM, proportional, scintillation, neutron
    DISPLAY: 4 digit LED display with 0.8" (2 cm) digits
    DISPLAY RANGE: 000.0 - 9999
    DISPLAY UNITS: Can be made to display in R/hr, mR/hr, R/hr, Sv/hr, mSv/hr, Sv/hr, rem/hr, mrem/hr, rem/hr, cpm, cps, and others
    LINEARITY: Reading within 10% of true value
    RESPONSE: Typically 3 seconds from 10% - 90% of final reading
    STATUS: Green light, instrument functioning properly
    A. Low Alarm: Yellow light, 1 beep/second audible, selectable range: 0-9999
    B. High Alarm: Red light, 4 beeps/second audible, selectable range: 0-9999
    C. Detector Fail: Red light, constant audible tome > 68 dB at 2 feet
    D. Low Bat: Yellow light, indicates less than 2 hours of battery life remaining
    HIGH VOLTAGE: Adjustable from 200 - 2500 volts
    THRESHOLD: Adjustable from 2 - 100 mV
    DEAD TIME: Adjustable to compensate for dead time of detector and electronics (can be read on display)
    OVERLOAD: Senses detector saturation (indicated by display reading "-OL-")
    OVERRANGE: Indicates radiation field being measured has exceeded counting range of instrument (indicated by display reading)
    DATA OUTPUT: 9 pin connector providing 5 decade logarithmic output, RS-232 output, signal ground connection, FAIL and ALARM signals (current sink), and direct connection to battery and ground.
    CALIBRATION CONTROLS: Accessible from front of instrument (protective cover provided).
    POWER: 95 - 135 Vac (178 - 240 Vac available), 50-60 Hz single phase. 6 volt sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery (built in)
    BATTERY LIFE: Typically 48 hours in non-alarm condition; 12 hours in alarm condition.
    BATTERY CHARGER: Battery is continuously trickle charged when instrument is connected to line power and turned on.
    CONSTRUCTION: Wall mount aluminum housing with ivory powder coat paint.
    SIZE: 7.4" H x 9.7" W x 2.5" D (18.7 x 24.6 x 6.4 cm)
    WEIGHT: 6.5 lbs. (2.3 kg)

    ETHERNET OPTION: Enables the Model 375 Digital Controller to be connected to an Ethernet Network. If ordering this option, please download and complete the Model 375 Network Setting Request Form and submit it with your order so the instrument can be properly configured at Ludlum's factory to facilitate your network system.
    CAMERA OPTION: An industrial camera that delivers high speed IP video, enhanced low-light performance, and 1280 x 1024 resolution. This can be used to capture a picture of what triggers an alarm using the Ethernet Software Application.

    Stock #
    Available Area Monitor Models
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    375 Digital Area Monitor without Detector
    375/2 Digital Area Monitor (0.1 mR/hr - 1 R/hr)
    375/4 Digital Area Monitor (1 mR/hr - 4 R/hr)
    375 Dual Digital Area Monitor
    375-10 Digital Area Monitor (0.1mR/hr - 9999mR/hr)
    375-600 Small Area Monitor
    375-9 w/Model 45-9 Ion Chamber
    271 Remote for Model 375
    272 Remote with Analog Display for Model 375
    272D Digital Remote for Model 375

    Stock #
    Available Software Applications
    Your Price
    Webpage and Service Software
    Ethernet Software Application
    Logging Software w/Cable
    Logging Software
    375-32 Application Software

    Stock #
    Available Hardware Options
    Your Price
    Ethernet Option
    Complete Camera, Camera Housing, and
    Power over Ethernet (PoE) Package
    Camera Alone
    Camera Housing Alone
    Time/Date Stamp Firmware with Printer
    120 Vac Horn with relay and cable
    220 Vac Horn with relay and cable
    120 Vac Red Strobe with relay
    and 50' cable (3 pin conn)
    220 Vac Red Strobe with relay
    and 50' cable (3 pin conn)
    Form C Relay (3 pin conn)
    Form C Relay, Failsafe (3 pin conn)
    Mains Relay (3 pin conn)
    120 Vac Horn+Strobe+Relay+Cable
    220 Vac Horn+Strobe+Relay+Cable
    Triple Relay Kit
    Dual Relay Connector Modification
    4-20mA Modification Kit
    Fiberglass Box/NEMA 4 Weather Proof Enclosure
    120 Vac for 375P-336_Horn+Strobe+Cable
    LITESTAK Signal Enclosure Assembly

           Ethernet/Networking Hardware and Software Options.       
    Ludlum Measurements, Inc! ETHERNET HARDWARE PORT OPTION

    GENERAL: The Model 375 Ethernet sofware monitors and stores data from up to 50 Ethernet-enabled Model 375s. Instrument readings and status are displayed on the main screen. Ethernet cameras (optional) can capture a picture of what triggers the alarm. This program is relatively easy to setup and ideal for straightforward networks not involving any routers.
    COMMUNICATION: Uses User Datagram Protocol (UDP) for basic communications on Local Area Network (LAN). The UDP port is user configurable from 50000 to 59999.
    DISPLAY: The main window displays reading boxes for all 50 Model 375s along with their status, units and caption. Clicking on the channel name will display the last image and alarm information that has occurred since the program was running. Holding the mouse over the channel name will display a tool tip with the user-defined comment.
    DATA LOGGING: Data is logged to a Microsoft Access® database and also a comma-delimited file. The rate at which the data is logged is user-defined and data can be logged at a different rate when an alarm occurs, which allows more data to be collected during the alarm. Readings are sent from the Model 375 every two seconds. An indicator bar under each reading changes color to indicate the current status of the monitor.
    ALARM IMAGE WINDOW: When a high alarm occurs the image will be retrieved from the camera and displayed in a resizable window along with the date, channel caption and reading. The images are saved in the images folder under the installation path.
    QUICK ALERT WINDOW: When a failure or alarm occurs, a window is displayed showing the channel, date, reading and type of event. This data is available until the window is closed.
    E-MAIL SETTINGS TAB: The E-mail Setting tab allows the configuration of the e-mail capability of the software. Four sets of nine e-mail addresses are available separated by day/night and alarms/other events.
    GRAPH VIEW WINDOW: The Graph view displays the readings from the Model 375 as a graph with options to view live or previously saved data (archive mode).

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    Stock #
    Available Options
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    Ethernet Option
    Webpage & Service Software
    Ethernet Software Application
    Logging Software w/Cable
    Logging Software
    375-32 Application Software

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