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       Ludlum Pressurized Ion Chamber Survey Meter.       

Ludlum Measurements, Inc! FEATURES
  • 0 - 5 R/hr Range with uR/hr Sensitivity
  • Sunlight Readable Color Display
  • Auto Zeroing & Ranging
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Alarming Capability
  • Rate, Integrate & Peak Hold Readouts
  • Data Logging
  • USB Connectivity
  • Free Firmware Updates through Internet

    The Ludlum Model 9DP, pressurized ion chamber meter, provides highly sensitive measurements of exposure and exposure rate. It can simultaneously display the exposure rate, integrated value and highest rate seen by the instrument. The integrated value can be reset (if desired) using one of the four convenient front panel mounted buttons. The stunning 256 color, bit-mapped display provides an optimized presentation of the data and is accompanied with icons informing the user of the active functions and instrument status. All logged data are written in csv format to a plugged-in industry standard USB thumb drive for convenient retrieval by a PC spreadsheet or database program. Alarms are manifested using color changes on the display and an acknowledgeable audio output.

    The 9DP is part of Ludlum's new Dimension series of meters employing state-f-the-art technologies that deliver enhanced performance, convenient connectivity and are easy to use. Instrument users have access to personal preference type settings via a free Dimension PC Interface program. Ludlum also sells a more powerful version of the Dimension Interface Program which additionally, sets administrator parameters and performs calibration. The Dimension series offers a modern measurement and display system that is very user-friendly, powerful and links tightly with PC's.

    The Model 9DP can be used for a variety of medical and health physics applications and is ideal for measuring exposure rates from leakage and scatter radiation around diagnostic and therapeutic x-ray rooms. The unit is shipped calibrated and ready for use upon arrival at the customer's site.

    RADIATION DETECTED: Beta above 1 MeV; Gamma & X-rays above 25 keV
    With R/h units: 0-500 uR/h, 0-5 mR/h, 0-50 mR/h, 0-500 mR /h, 0-5 R/h
    With Sv/h units: 0 - 5 uSv/h, 0 -50 uSv/h, 0-500 uSv/h, 0 - 5 mSv/h, 0 - 50 mSv/h
    CHAMBER VOLUME: 230 cc pressurized to 125 PSI
    ACCURACY: +/- 10%
    RESPONSE TIME: Ranges from 5 seconds in lowest range to under 2 seconds in highest range when measuring from 10% to 90% of final value
    MEASUREMENT READOUTS: Simultaneous display of Dose Rate, Integrated Dose and Highest Dose Rate (Peak Hold)
    DATA LOGGING: Stored to detachable USB thumb drive in csv format for easy retrieval by PC spreadsheet/database programs. Data points include real-time clock generated date and time with dose rate, integrated dose, and instrument status. Logging time intervals are set by PC interface program.
    LCD DISPLAY: 3.5" diagonal (8.9 cm), 240 H x 320 W pixels, TFT active matrix, 262 colors, 220 cd/m2
    USER CONTROLS: Instrument on/off, slow/fast response, audio on/off, alarm acknowledge/meter reset and clearing integrated dose
    AUTOMATIC FUNCTIONS:< Auto Ranging, Auto Zeroing, Auto LCD Backlighting
    AUDIO OUTPUTS: Built-in unimorph speaker, > 60 dB at 2 feet, audio jack for connection to optional headset
    ALARMS: Two levels of radiation alarms available, each are user programmable throughout entire readout range and set through a PC interface program. Other alarms include low battery and various detector failures
    TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40 to 1220 F (-200 C to 500 C)
    POWER: Eight rechargeable AA NiMH batteries, supplied with wall charger for direct connection to instrument
    BATTERY LIFE: ~ 12 to 24 hours between charges depending upon use of backlighting
    PC INTERFACE: USB, requires special cable and PC program sold separately
    CONSTRUCTION: Durable plastic with metal support
    SIZE: 8.62" H x 4.55" W x 9.63" L (21.9 x 11.6 x 24.5 cm)

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    Ion Chamber Survey Meter -
    Model 9DP
    Ion Chamber Survery Meter -
    Model 9DP-1 NON HAZMAT
    Audio Jack Option
    Alkaline Battery Pack Option
    Dimension Interface Kit

           Pressurized µR Ion Chamber Survey Meter.       

    Fluke Biomedical, Inc.
  • High sensitivity µR measurements of exposure and exposure rate
  • Available with dose equivalent energy response (SI units)
  • Fast response to measure radiation from leakage, scatter beams and pinholes
  • Ergonomic, anti-fatigue handle with replaceable grip and wrist strap
  • Excel add-in for Windows® for data logging and selection of instrument operating parameters (Optional)
  • Low noise chamber bias supply for fast background reading
  • Bright, highly visible colors
  • Easy Touch keys


  • Ideal for a wide range of applications including NDT, x-ray and environmental
  • Battery operated
  • Auto-ranging and auto-zeroing
  • RS-232 communications interface
  • Measures rate and dose simultaneously
  • Increments in .01 Microsieverts
  • Tripod mount for stationary, area monitor applications
  • Freeze mode indicates peak reading
  • Programmable flashing display
  • Automatic, ultra-bright LCD display
  • Separate integrate mode
  • Excel add-in for Windows (optional)

  • Introduction
    The Model 451P state-of-the-art ion chamber survey meter is a hand-held battery operated unit designed for use in both rugged and normal environments. The Model 451P features a pressurized ionization chamber, providing enhanced sensitivity and improving energy response to measure gamma and x-ray radiation. The Model 451P employs microprocessor and LCD technology. The ergonimic handle features a large diameter cushioned grip and is designed to reduce fatigue associated with extended use. The case is constructed of lightweight, high strength materials and is sealed against moisture. Please specify at the time of order if you would like standard units (R) or SI Units (Sv).

    The display features an analog bar graph, 2.5 digit digital readout, low battery and freeze mode indicators. User controls consist of an ON/OFF button and a MODE button. The unit is auto-zeroing and auto-ranging. The display features circuitry that automatically activates the backlight in low ambient light conditions.

    The RS-232 interface can be connected directly to a computer for use with the Excel add-in for Windows, enhancing the functionality of the instrument. The software allows for data retrieval, user parameter selection and provides a virtual instrument display with audible (requires sound card) and visual alarm indication. The software may be customized by the user for specific applications.

    The Model 451P is used in a wide range of medical and health physics applications. The Model 451P was designed to measure leakage and scatter around diagnostic x-ray and radiation therapy suites. Also, the Model 451P is ideal for site surveys and is regularly used by x-ray manufacturers, government agencies, state inspectors, research labs, biomedical technicians, and in airports for baggage inspection equipment maintenance.


    Radiation detected - Beta above 1 MeV, Gamma and x-rays above 25 keV
    Operating Ranges
    0 to 500 µR/h.
    0 to 5 µv/h.
    0 to 5 mR/h.
    0 to 50 µSv/h.
    0 to 50 mR/h.
    0 to 500 µSv/h.
    0 to 500 mR/h.
    0 to 5 mSv/h.

    Accuracy - Within 10% of reading between 10% and 100% of full scale indication on any range, exclusive of energy response. Calibration source is 137Cs
    Detector - Chamber: 300 cc volume pressurized air ionization chamber to 8 atmospheres of 125 psi
    Controls - ON/OFF and MODE
    Automatic features - Auto-zeroing, auto-ranging, and auto-backlight
    Response time - Analog response time from 10% to 90% of reading for a full scale step increase is dependent on operating range. Response time for a step increase in radiation exposure rate from background:
    Step Increase,
    Backgroud to...
    Time to reach 90%
    of final value.
    400 µR/h.
    4.8 seconds.
    4 mR/h.
    3.3 seconds.
    10 mR/h.
    4.3 seconds.
    40 mR/h.
    4.5 seconds.
    100 mR/h.
    2.7 seconds.
    1 R/h.
    2.0 seconds.
    4 R/h.
    2.7 seconds.

    The following table shows time measured from 10% to 90% of final value for a step increase or decrease in exposure rate such that a range change does not occur. These values are the response times for the various ranges:
    10% to 90%.
    0 to 500 µR/h (5 µSv/h).
    5.0 seconds.
    0 to 5 mR/h (50 µSv/h).
    2.0 seconds.
    0 to 50 mR/h (500 µSv/h).
    1.8 seconds.
    0 to 500 mR/h (5 mSv/h).
    1.8 seconds.
    0 to 5 R/h (50 mSv/h).
    1.8 seconds.

    Power requirements - Two 9 V alkaline, 200 hours operation
    Warm-up time - Less than two minutes for initial operation when the instrument is in equilibrium with ambient temperature

    Display LCD Analog/digital with backlight
    Analog - 100 element bar graph 2.5 inch (6.4 cm) long. Bar graph is divided into five major segments, each labeled with the appropriate value for the range of the instrument
    Digital - 2.5 digit display is followed by a significant zero digit depending on the operating range of the instrument. The units of measurement are indicated on the display at all times. Digits are 0.25 inches (6.4 mm) high. Low battery and freeze indicators are also provided on the display

    Integrate mode - Operates continuously 30 seconds after the instrument has been turned on. Integration is performed even if the instrument is displaying in mR/h or R/h
    Freeze mode - Will place a tick mark on the bar graph display to hold on the peak displayed value. The unit will continue to read and display current radiation values

    Temperature range -4°F to +122°F (-20°C to +50°C)
    Relative humidity - 0 to 100%
    Geotropism - Negligible

    Typical energy dependence - 16Nitrogen gamma rays are 110% to 120% of indicated readings as determined at the University of Lowell
    Dimensions - 4"W x 8"D x 6"H (10 x 10 x 15 cm)
    Weight - 2.4 lb (1.07 kg)

    Optional accessories
    451 Assistant for Excel (Model 451EXL), includes RS-232 interface cable
    Single Unit Carrying Case (Model 190HPS)
    Check Source, 137Cs, 10 µCi. Flat disc, 1 inch diameter (Model 62-103)

    Available model(s)
    451P-RYR Pressurized µR Ion Chamber Survey Meter with standard chamber
    451P-DE-SI-RYR Pressurized µR Ion Chamber Survey Meter with dose equivalent chamber.

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    Pressurized Ion Chamber Survey Meter
    with standard chamber
    Pressurized Ion Chamber Survey Meter
    with dose equivalent chamber
    451 Assistant for Excel.
    (See Below for Information.)
    Single Unit Carrying Case.
    Check Source (Cs-137, 10 uCi. Flat disc, 1 inch diameter)

           Excel Assistant for 451 Series Meters.       
    Fluke Biomedical, Inc.
  • Complete remote radiation information management for Model 451P and 451B Ion Chamber Survey Meters
  • Color-coded data provides quick identification for radiation levels and alarm acknowledgment status

  • Features
  • Real time data logging in protected Excel worksheet
  • Virtual instrument display with audible and visual alarm indication
  • Remote user definable alarm settings
  • Downloads 451's internal data log into Excel worksheet
  • Provides remote control and instrument configuration
  • Complete on-line help speeds learning
  • Compatible with Windows® 95, 98 ME, NT, 4.0, 2000, XP and Excel 97, 2000
  • Package includes manual, CD, and 25 ft RS-232 cable, Model 1020039000

  • Introduction...
    The 451 Assistant for Excel is an Excel Add-in, a program that adds optional commands and features to Microsoft® Excel. The 451 Assistant provides remote control for many of the 451 functions, real-time data logging with user defined alarm parameters and a real time virtual instrument display. The 451 Assistant automatically loads with Excel once it is installed.

    The 451 Assistant data logging function automatically records real time measured data in an active Excel worksheet. Each measurement in the data log is automatically placed in the active worksheet cell, then the active cell moves down to the next row of cells where it will place the next set of measured data. Each recorded measurement is time and date stamped. The 451 Assistant provides user configurable audible and visual alarms for the real time logged data. The picture and data shows radiation levels above the preset alarm in red, the blue data represents the radiation level below the alarm

    that has not been acknowledged. The black data shows when the alarm was acknowledged. See Control Options for more details.

    The 451 Assistant for Excel allows the user to configure the 451's internal data logging and alarm settings. It may also be used to download the 451's internal data log and saves it in an Excel worksheet where it can be easily graphed for quick trend analysis.

    The 451 Assistant provides automatic timed integrated dose measurement over a user defined integration period or user controlled integrated dose measurement. After the integration timer has expired or the user has stopped integration, the 451 Assistant retrieves the integrated dose from the 451 and inserts the integrated dose in the active worksheet cell and the average dose rate is placed in the next cell to the right.

    This Model 451EXL information management software program is ideal for the facility Radiation Safety Officer or anyone responsible for maintaining a permanent record of spills and accidents for adjerence to state and NRC requirements. The remote control of the 451 series of Ion Chambers may be accessed by any computer on your facility network providing remote information management.

    The 451 Assistant menu and toolbar provide an interface for the user to remotely control the 451, configure the 451, download the 451's internal data log and start / stop real time data logging and integrated dose measurements

    Connect / Disconnect Connects or disconnects the 451 to the computer's communication port
    Start / Stop Starts and stops computer data logging. When data logging is started, logged data is placed in the active Excel worksheet and the worksheet is protected to provide data security
    Logging Properties Allows the user specify computer data logging parameters. The data logging sample interval (2 seconds to 999 hours), total data logging period (2 seconds to 49 days) and computer date log alarms may be specified

    through this menu. These parameters are independent of the 451's internal data logging functions
    Integrate... Allows the user to select timed integrated dose measurement or user controlled integrated dose measurement. The user may also specify the integration period for timed integration from 1 minute to 999 hours. When timed integrate mode is selected, the 451 Assistant for Excel stops the integrated dose measurement after the specified integration period has expired.

    When timed integrate mode is not selected, the user controls the integration period and the integration time is displayed in real time. The integrated dose and average dose rate are recorded in the active Excel worksheet when integration is complete
    Download Log The 451 is capable of internally logging data at a user defined interval from 1 to 255 seconds with a total capacity of up to 2700 data points. This feature allows the user to download the 451's internal data log into the active Excel worksheet
    Options Allows the user to change many properties of the 451 Assistant for Excel and several of the 451's properties. The user may configure the various visual and audio alarm features of the 451 Assistant for Excel for each data point that is logged. The 451 Assistant can be configured to use 2 or 4 alarm states. The four alarm states are acknowledged normal (below alarm level), unacknowledged normal, acknowledged alarm and unacknowledged alarm. The user may also select the communication port used by the 451 (default is COMI). The 451's internal data logging parameters and alarm settings may also be changed from the Options menu

    System requirements
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, or XP
  • Microsoft Excel 97 or 2000
  • One serial port (COM1 through COM4)

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