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       Series 8700 Pulse Counter/Exposure Time Meters.       

Electronic Control Concepts! The Model 8700 X-Ray Pulse Counter/ Exposure Time Meter is used to measure the time or duration of radiation output produced by a wide variety of x-ray generators. The x-ray sensor in the 8700 allows direct measurement of exposure from the x-ray head. Pulses produced by half-wave and full-wave x-ray are measured as 60 or 120 pulses per second. For DC, capacitor discharge and 3-phase x-ray, the 8700 measures the exposure time in milliseconds.

When testing x-ray timers and controls, the time of relay contact can be measured using the AC input feature.

The Model 8700 is "self-resetting". There is no need to reset the instrument after each reading. The reading is stored after each exposure, holding until the next exposure.

The advanced circiutry in the 8700 provides the following improvements over competitors:

  • Wider Range
  • - Increased sensitivity allows use with lower power x-rays
    - Wider dynamic range allows use with higher power x-rays
  • More accuracy on DC/Multiphase high power x-rays
  • - Measurement ends at 70% of peak value eliminating inaccuracy due to slow tail.
  • New circuitry saves production time and parts cost, allowing us to keep our competitive prices.
  • Low power circuitry improves battery life.

  • Features
  • Small hand-held size
  • AC or DC X-Rays
  • New high accuracy circuit
  • Self-resetting
  • Battery operated
  • Two year warranty
  • Direct exposure reading or AC input
  • Use for Medical or Dental X-Rays
  • Remote Sensor option

  • Durable ABS plastic case now included.

  • Typical Applications
  • Measurement of Exposure
  • Quality Assurance
  • Verification of X-ray Exposure Time
  • Calibration of X-ray Timer
  • Direct Measurement of Timer Accuracy
  • Troubleshooting and Repair of x-ray

  • Specifications
  • AC - one count
  • DC- 2% +/-1 millisecond

  • X-ray input: 40kVp, 5mA at 5 cm from top surface of case, pointed to target
  • AC Input: 90 VAC minimum

  • 9999 Pulses
  • 9999 Milliseconds

  • 0.4" Liquid Crystal

  • Internal 9 Volt Battery
  • Low Battery Indicator

  • 48 hours continuous
  • Typically 9 months of normal use

  • Three position switch
  • - Pulse
    - Off
    - Milliseconds
  • 4 digit liquid crystal display
  • - 0.4" characters
  • Low battery indicator
  • Oscilloscope output
  • Remote Sensor Input

  • 80 x147x 40mm
  • 3.15 x 5.8 x1.6 inches

  • None required for direct exposure measurement
  • 2 tip jacks for AC input
  • Jack for Remote Sensor Option
  • Jack for Oscilloscope Output

  • Remote sensor with 3 meter cable - Allows operation of the pulse counter up to 10 feet from the x-ray head. This small weighted sensor sits under x-ray head with cable that plugs into 8700.
  • Oscilloscope Interface Cable. Connects 'Scope' output of Model 8700 to standard BNC oscilloscope input.
  • Long Life Battery

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