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       ECC All New UXI Universal X-Ray Test Instrument.       

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45 to 125kVp
40 to 115kVp

Electronic Control Concepts! All Purpose EXPOSURE METER that measures kVp, mA, mAs, Dose, HVL and Exposure Time.
  • Available in Low Range as well.

    The new Universal X-ray Instrument (UXI) is capable of measuring x-ray kVp, mA, mAs, Dose, HVL and exposure time. One exposure is needed for kVp, mA, mAs and dose. Three exposures are needed for an accurate HVL measurement. The built in HVL calculator is used to calculate HVL. Each UXI comes with a 7 inch (178 mm) Android tablet. With the programmable delay, the unit is capable of measuring kVp for exposure times as low as 16 milliseconds. This allows shorter exposure times minimizing xray exposure and wear and tear on the x-ray head. The kVp measurement circuit and control program have been greatly improved compared to our other instruments. Accurate kVp measurements can be made for a wider range of x-ray intensity with less dependancy on distance from the x-ray head.

    The UXI is connected via a 14 foot (4.3 meter) cable to the tablet.

    Applications include verification of peak x-ray voltage, constancy checks, calibration of x-rays, and quality assurance measurement of exposure time. The unit is also used for half value layer determination, troubleshooting and repair of x-rays, and quality control.

    All units come with a Certificate of Calibration. Yearly calibration is suggested.

    The introduction of the UXI allows service personnel to carry one instrument rather than a Dose Meter, mAs Meter and a kVp Meter.

    In addition to combining several proven instruments into one device, significant improvements have been made in the circuitry to improve accuracy, ease of use and range. There is a graphing capability that shows the x-ray waveform for each exposure.

    NEW SOFTWARE Operating System:
    Improvements have been made in both the internal microcomputer program in the UXI front end and in the tablet to facilitate faster measurements and fewer x-ray exposures. There is no minimum exposure time requirement for mA / mAs measurement. The mA and mAs measurements are more accurate because we are measuring the current for the entire x-ray exposure.The minimum exposure time needed for kVp measurements has been reduced to 16 ms. This allows more flexibility when the x-ray is set up based on mAs rather than exposure time. This new feature virtually eliminates sources of error

  • when certain techniques result in short exposure times. The shorter exposure times also give you less wear and tear on x-ray equipment as well as less x-ray exposure to test personnel.

    This instrument is capable of measuring dose, kVp, mA, mAs and exposure time in one x-ray exposure. The HVL measurement requires three exposures, two with different thicknesses of Aluminum filtration.

    The program in the Android tablet can be upgraded as new features are added by connecting to internet. Users will be notified by email when upgrades are available.

    All UXI units come with a custom Carrying Case, that keeps your instrument and tablet safe and has room for cables and accessories.

    Kvp, mAs, Dose, and Exposure Time Meter
    Low Range: UXIL

  • Combine three instruments.
  • Kvp, mAs and dose in one package.
  • Easy to use.
  • No need to set for AC/DC.
  • mAs meter is self-resetting.
  • mA is stored permitting short exposures.
  • kVp is noninvasive.
  • AC or DC X-Rays.
  • High accuracy.
  • Measures kVP, mA, mAS, exposure time, dose, HVL.
  • Includes custom carrying case.

    Allows viewing measured data without entering X-Ray room.
    Remote operation via USB.

    Typical applications:
    Verification of peak X-Ray voltage, Constancy checks, Calibration of X-Ray, Quality assurance, Measurement of exposure time, Half value layer determination, Troubleshooting & repair of X-Rays, Maintain quality of X-Ray.

  • Use as mAs, dose or kVp Meter.
  • mA and mAs measure X-Ray tube current.
  • kVp measures the peak X-Ray accelerating voltage from tungsten X-Ray generators.
  • Dose measures the radiation output over an area.
  • Direct Measurement of peak kV from the X-Ray head.
  • Optimized for Dental X-Rays, also works on raiographic & fluoroscopic X-Rays.
  • 7" Tablet display for reading outside of X-Ray Room.
  • Plug in mAs cable to measure mA and mAs.
  • Place unit in X-Ray beam to measure kVp, dose, dose rate, Half-Value Layer (HVL), Pulses, and exposure time.


    UXI: 45 to 125Kv.
    UXIL: 40 to 115Kv.

    2% +/- 1kV, at 25 to 100mA (820) or 10 to 50 mA (820L) both
    18 - 42 cm from head, for Tungsten target X-Ray tube with 1.5mm Aluminum equiv. filtration.

  • 1% +/- 2 millisecond (1/5 to 2 sec).
  • Minimum exposure time is 40 millisecond.

  • 40 milliseconds.

    7 mA (UXI) or 5 mA (UXIL) at 50 kV.
    10 cm from X-Ray, depending on focus.

  • 200 mA Full Scale, 10 Ohm Input impedance.

  • 2A Full Scale, 1 Ohm Input impedance.
  • Meter automatically selects ranges.

  • 2% +/- 1 mA on both ranges.

  • Via 5 meter cable with two alligator clips.


  • 7" (177.8mm) Tablet.

  • 7" Nexus II Tablet Display.
  • 14 foot USB Cable (4 meters.)
  • Remote operation via USB.
  • POWER:
  • USB Powered via tablet (rechargeable)

  • Batter length with the tablet is 3 hours of continuous measurement use.
  • Unit comes with a 2A/AC charging adapter.

  • 73 x 116 x 27mm ( 2.874 x 4.567 x 1.063 inches. )

    200g. (0.5 lbs.)

    Video: UXI Operational Demonstration

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