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       TRIAD TnT X-Ray Field Service/Calibration/QA Kit.       

Fluke Biomedical, Inc. The TRIAD™ TnT X-Ray Field Service/Calibration/QA Kit is a full function, x-ray dosimeter kit that performs fast, highly sensitive measurements. It is ideal for government compliance testing, troubleshooting, repair of diagnostic x-ray equipment, installation and setup of new equipment, preventive maintenance, radiographic QA measurements, and measurements required for JCAHO accreditation. The kit performs measurements for all modalities: radiographic, fluoroscopic, mammographic (MQSA), CT cine and dental.

The TRIAD TnT Kit comes in three popular configurations:
  • 10100AT is the base-level dosimeter kit and features the 35050AT dosimeter, a technologically advanced, microprocessor-controlled, x-ray radiation dosimeter. The kit also includes ion chambers and test stand, triaxial/coaxial cable, ac adapter, HVL filter set, RS-232 interface cable with adapters, customization software, instruction manual CD, and lightweight carrying case.
  • 10500AT includes all of the components from the 10100AT, in addition to the 35080M non-invasive kVp divider and 37617 wide-range filter pack (50 kVp to 150 kVp), for quick and accurate kV measurement.
  • 10500AMT is equipped with all the components from the 10500AT, as well as the 35035 mA/mAs meter and CA-23 universal test-lead kit, allowing engineers to accurately measure mAs and fluoroscopic mA for diagnostic, radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging equipment.

  • The TRIAD TnT incorporates the latest design innovations to enhance ease-of-use, range of applications, and save valuable time. TRIAD TnT continues the TRIAD tradition as the most accurate, widely used instrument of its kind available.

    Key features:
  • Bright display with direct readout in user-selected units
  • Image intensifier measurements at 0.1 µR and 0.1 µR/s resolution; cine in µR/frame
  • Expanded kVp and exposure-time measurement capabilities
  • Simplified controls include autoreset, autoranging, automatic offset and drift compensation, automatic power-down, and automatic pressure and temperature correction
  • Optional TRIAD toolkit for Excel for remote operation, waveform capture, and calibration
  • Multiple self-checking features to reduce testing time
  • Battery-powered with auto power-down feature to extend battery life
  • Automatic temperature and pressure correction for faster operation in any environment
  • Timesaving scroll functionality
  • Recognizes and ignores spurious background signals
  • Very low dose rate: 20 nGy/s at a 1 nGy/s resolution
  • Broader range of dental unit kV and time measurement


    Exposure and exposure rate accuracy
    Basic accuracy of 35050AT: ± 1% of reading ± 2 range resolution steps over range of 18° C to 28° C and ± 2% of reading ± 2 range resolution steps over the full operating temperature range of 0° C to 50° C.
    Note: A 3% NIST-traceable calibration is provided with each system and includes effects of 35050AT, 96035B, and 96020C.

    Exposure time measurement
    Exposure time accuracy: ± 0.1% of reading: ± 0.2 msec
    Maximum exposure time: 6.5 s
    Measurement resolution: 0.2 ms

    Measurement modes
    kVp/Dose/Time: Single-shot ("all-in-one" exposure), direct-beam measurement of exposure, kVp, and time; autoranging across three-decade ranges; auto reset between exposures; display updates after each exposure
    kVp/Rate: Simultaneous measurement of kVp and exposure rate
    Full sensitivity dose: Autoranging across five decades of sensitive ranges; automatic drift and offset compensation; automatic post-exposure display hold
    Full sensitivity rate: Measurement range covers a span from low-level image intensifier measurements to unattenuated, direct beams; automatic offset compensation and nonlinear filtering. Autoranging provides five decades of sensitivity ranges. Display updates once per second

    Very low dose rate (VLDR)
    This mode is only for making very low dose rate measurements. Nonlinear digital filtering and autoranging provide five decades of sensitivity ranges. Display updates once per second. In this mode, automatic current offset and drift compensation are disabled. As a result, the system can display very low dose rates.

    Power requirements
    Battery life: -30 hours with six AA alkaline batteries; automatic power-down after user-selected period of

    Ion Chamber usable ranges.

    Ion Chamber
    Effective Range
    (IEC 61674 effective range
    at 1% resolution steps)
    Resolution Step Size
    100µ to 20µ
    100µ to 20µ
    5m to 1200m
    100M to 72k
    (at 60f/s 1-120
    2µ to 333m
    1µ to 175m
    1µ to 174m
    50µ to 10.5µ
    1m to 630m
    (at 60f/s 1-120
    0.02µ to 2.9m
    10µ to 2µ
    10µ to 2µ
    0.5m to 120m
    10m to 7.2k
    (at 60f/s 1-120
    0.2µ to 33m
    0.1µ to 17.5m
    0.1µ to 17.5m
    5µ to 1050m
    0.1m to 63m
    (at 60f/s 1-120
    0.0002µ to 290µ
    150cc VLDR
    (Very Low Dose Rate)
    2µ to 2
    (Effective range @ 5% resolution steps)

    unattended operation (5 min to 255 min); AC adapter supplied with each 35050AT
    Note: When the AC adapter is in use, the auto power-down feature is disabled, providing continuous operation. User selections for ion chamber, units, kV filter pack,temperature, pressure, and frame are stored in nonvolatile memory before automatic turnoff; eliminates manual reselection at power-up
    Bias voltage supply: Fixed electronic bias (-300V); bias voltage removed from triaxial input connector at instrument turnoff
    Customization: Allows user to modify contents of nonvolatile memory, including ion chamber and kV filter pack conversion factors, temperature and pressure units, radiation units, and power down interval. A field customization software program is included for use with an IBM™-PC or compatible

    35080M interface: Male, two lug BNC
    Computer interface: RS-232 using RJ-45 connector; 9,600 baud 8-bit, 1 stop, no parity, xon/xoff; enables fully-programmable operation and waveform display from a PC with optional Excel add-in; powered when connected to computer
    Ion chamber input: Triax, BNC; collector and guard positive-biased relative to ion chamber body and dosimeter chassis
    Power: 2.1 mm dc power jack, power input for an unregulated 9V, 200 mA adapter with a center negative, 2.1 mm plug

    General information.
    Display: Two-line, 20 character alphanumeric PLED (polymer LED), with 0.5cm character height; indicates all ion chamber/kV filter pack identification information, numerical measurement results, battery level, calibration date and other information
    Weight: 6.4 kg (14 lb)
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 46 cm x 33 cm x 15 cm (18" x 13" x 6")

    Diagnostic Ionization Chambers (96035B and 96020C)
    The 96020C and 96035B Diagnostic Ion Chambers are vented-volume, parallel-plate air ionization chambers with side-mounted BNC triaxial connectors. The 96020C Ion Chamber has a nominal volume of 150 cm³, and the 96035B has a nominal volume of 15 cm³. Both ion chambers have a fully-guarded, centrally-located collector plate that provides superior collection efficiency. The patented 96035B has a dual-energy range that enables both diagnostic and mammographic measurements. They are accomplished using the other side as the entrance window.

  • Very low leakage and low noise.
  • Rugged mechanical construction.
  • Ionization chambers are supplied with triaxial BNC connectors.

  • Energy range: 96035B: 30 kVp to 150 kVP; 20 kVp to 50 kVp for mammographic 96020C: 30 kVp to 150 kVp
    Nominal sensitivity:
    96035B: 2.00 R/C x 108 R/C (1.75 Gy/C x 106 Gy/C) at 22° C and 1013 hPa 2.21 R/C x 108 R/C (1.94 Gy/C x 106 Gy/C at 22° C and 1013 hPa (flat response suitable for conventional diagnostic radiography and mammography)
    96020C: 2.08 R/C x 107 R/C (1.82 Gy/C x 105 Gy/C( at 22° C and 1013 hPa (optimized for low-level image intensifier and cine measurements)
    96035B: Graphite-coated acrylic, parallel-plate, air-vented
    96020C: Composite graphite-filled thermoplastic; parallel-plate, air-vented
    96035B: 15 cm³
    96020C: 150 cm³

    35080M Non-Invasive kVp Divider
  • New pocket-size configuration
  • Non-invasive technology eliminates the hazards of high-voltage cables and need for bulky divider tanks
  • Auto ON/OFF when connected/disconnected
  • Optional filter packs enable testing in all modalities
  • Rh/Rh measurement capability when 34080M Non-Invasive kVp Divider is used with cadmium K-Edge and linear mammo filter pack pair

  • The 35080M Non-Invasive kVp Divider quickly and accurately measures kV for all modalities. The unit checks both above and below table tubes, and the direct kV values are displayed on either the 35050AT Dosimeter or the 199XRAY Medical ScopeMeter. Derived kV can also be calculated using a storage oscilloscope. The 35080M Non-Invasive kVp Divider is highly portable and eliminates the need for bulky and heavy high-voltage divider tanks--so compact in size that it fits into a shirt pocket.

    A patented wide-range filter pack is included with the 35080M Non-Invasive kVp Divider and provides accurate readings for the range of 50 kVp to 150 kVp. Four optional filter packs are available for use with the 35080M Non-Invasive kVp Divider for CT, mammographic, and mobile applications.

    Stock #
    Kit Description
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    Base level dosimeter kit which includes...
  • 35050AT Dosimeter
  • 96035B 15cm3 Ion Chamber
  • 96020C 150cm3 Ion Chamber
  • 38208 6m/20ft Coax/triaxial Cable
  • 37594 Programming Kit
  • 37581 Test Stand, ion chamber stem, HVL Filter Tray
  • 37688 HVL Filter set
  • 35050ATCD User/service manual
  • 37500D Kit Carrying Case
  • $12,175.55
    2nd Level kit which includes everything in the 10100AT Base Kit plus...
  • 35080M Non-Invasive kVp divider
  • 37617 Wide Range (50-150kVp) filter pack.
  • $19,554.67
    3rd Level kit which includes everything in the 10500AT 2nd Level Kit plus...
  • 35035 ma/mAs Meter
  • A-23 Universal test lead kit.
  • $21,077.35

    Stock #
    Component Description.
    Your Price
    150cm3 Ion Chamber for use from 30kVp - 150kVp.
    15cm3 Ion Chamber for use from 20kVp - 150kVp.
    Digital mA/mAs Meter.
    6m/20ft Coax/triaxial Cable.
    Programming Kit.
    Test Stand, ion chamber stem, HVL Filter Tray.
    HVL Filter set.
    User/service manual for 10100AT/10500AT/10500AMT.
    Kit Carrying Case.
    Wide Range (50-150kVp) filter pack.
    ma/mAs Meter
    Universal test lead kit.

    Stock #
    This optional accessory
    applies to which kit?
    Optional Accessory Description
    Your Price
    All Kits
    CT Ion Chamber 3.2cm3
    All Kits
    CT Ion Chamber, High Sensitivity,
    10cm3, For Multislice CT!
    All Kits
    Ultra-High Purity HVL Attenuators
    (for mammo, set of six.)
    All Kits
    TRIAD Toolkit for MS-Excel.
    All Kits
    USB to RS-232 Adapter.
    All Kits
    Medical ScopeMeter with kVp Capabilities
    (includes the MA190 Medical ScopeMeter Accessory kit)
    10500AT and 10500AMT Kits
    Cadmium K-edge Mammo Filter Pack
    (27.5kVp to 29.5kVp ±0.5kVp accuracy.)
    10500AT and 10500AMT Kits
    Linear Mammo Filter Pack
    (22.0kVp to 40.0kVp ±1.0kVp accuracy.)
    10500AT and 10500AMT Kits
    Mobile Filter Pack
    (50.0kVp to 135.0kVp ±2% accuracy.)
    10500AT and 10500AMT Kits
    CT Filter Pack
    (70.0kVp to 140.0kVp ±2% accuracy.)
    10500AT and 10500AMT Kits
    Low Range Filter Pack
    (30.0kVp to 90.0kVp ±2% accuracy.)
    All Kits
    AC Wall Adapter for: USA and Japan.
    All Kits
    AC Wall Adapter for: Europe.
    All Kits
    AC Wall Adapter for: UK
    All Kits
    AC Wall Adapter for: Australia

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