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       Maxant's Mammo-Techline Mammography Viewboxes.       

Maxant Technologies! The MAMMO-TECHLINE is a family of dedicated Mammography illuminators designed to create an effective, comfortable reading environment for Mammography interpretation. Its unique design incorporates an internal shutter providing the flexibility of reading both 18 x 24cm and 24 x 30cm Mammography film formats. All MAMMO-TECHLINE configurations feature the internal shutter as a STANDARD feature and are offered in several configurations as described below.

The unique MAMMO-TECHLINE design is available in single tier (MAM-301) as well as double tier (MAM-311) configurations.

The MAM-301 features a single MAMMO-TECHLINE viewing surface. This configuration is best suited for environments where only one set of Mammograms are viewed at a time. For example, a Technologist area, patient consultation area or a screening facility.

The MAM-311 features two MAMMO-TECHLINE viewing surfaces providing an optimal environment for diagnostic comparison of Base Line and Current Mammograms. The MAM-311 is capable to be mounted as follows:
  • Can be configured for desk top mounting which features a vertical top viewing surface and a bottom viewing surface angled out at 20 degrees. This creates the ideal conditions for seated Mammographic viewing.
  • Can be surface wall mounted featuring two MAMMO-TECHLINE viewing surfaces positioned vertically on top of one another. This mounting configuration is ideally suited for facilities with minimal counter or desk space. NOTE: Please specify mounting preference when ordering the MAM-311.

  • All MAMMO-TECHLINE configurations are engineered to comply with and exceed the MQSA and ACR recommended minimum Mammography luminance level of 3500 NIT. These recommended levels are specified to optimize the diagnostic environment and conditions in Mammography. All MAMMO-TECHLINE configurations feature smooth, even lighting throughout the viewing panel creating the optimal conditions for comparison of all Mammographic views.

    All two tier MAMMO-TECHLINE configurations are designed to provide a minimal separation between upper and lower viewing areas thus enabling the reader to comfortably compare images with minimal eyeshift and distraction. This design dramatically increases the reader's productivity and serves as a true diagnostic tool for a Mammography department or facility. The MAMMO-TECHLINE viewing surfaces are specifically tailored to the mammographic film sizes to eliminate harmful extraneous light from shining in the reader-s eyes.

    Slim body construction is visually pleasing, cosmetically clean and simple. Durable steel construction is resistant to damage.

    All MAMMO-TECHLINE configurations meet all hospital, clinic and other construction safety requirements as well as meeting U.L. & C.S.A. Listing Requirements.

    The TECH-GRIP-s Roller Gravity Film Holding System is designed to provide maintenance free reliability and performance.

    The TECH-GRIP accommodates both Mammography film formats and requires no field adjustment. The TECH-GRIP is a soft Gray tone which is very conducive to most medical facility decors.

    Standard Hospital White color provides cosmetic compatibility with all medical facility decors. Catalytic enamel paint is chemically bonded to all metal surfaces providing a chip and wear resistant surface which is easily cleaned.

    Connects to any standard 110-124V power source. Lamps and Ballasts are easily accessible for simple, fast replacement.

    • Each MAMMO-TECHLINE draws .93 Amps per tier.
    • Luminance: Each MAMMOTECHLINE viewing panel emits a luminance level of 5750 NIT.
    • Lamps: Each MAMMO-TECHLINE tier contains three General Electric #F30T12/D or equivalent lamps.
    • Ballasts: Each MAMMO-TECHLINE tier contains a low leakage rapid start electronic ballast which does not require an external starter. These ballasts are thermally protected and are U.L. and C.S.A. listed components.
    • Grounded Chassis with 3 wire 7 ft. Cord and NEMA 5-15P, 2 Pole, 3 wire ground plug.
    CONSTRUCTION: Rigid welded steel construction.

    FILM GRIP: MAXANT-s TECH-GRIP roller gravity film holding system is maintenance free and requires no field adjustments.

    SHUTTER: Interior mechanical shutter is STANDARD on all MAMMO-TECHLINE configurations. This feature allows the reader to eliminate harmful extraneous light from shining in a reader-s eyes when reading 18 x 24cm Mammography film formats. When the shutter is retracted, the full viewing area is opened creating the viewing area for 24 x 30cm Mammography film formats.

    DIFFUSING PANEL: The diffusing panel is shatter resistant and secured flush with the face of the unit. The panel is easily removed from the fixture without tools facilitating quick and easy replacement of lamps. The material is U.L. recognized Plexiglas thermoplastic.

    SWITCHES: Each MAMMO-TECHLINE viewing area is controlled by a two position ON/OFF rocker switch. The switches are located on the right hand side of each fixture.

    MAM-301 Cut sheet available here.
    MAM-311 Cut sheet available here.

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