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       PNWX ProLite Hook and Loop Adjustable Apron.       

PNWX Elite Products! Crisscrossing back straps keep the shoulders from slipping off. Hook & Loop fastener tabs make adjust-ability quick and easy.

New in 2023! NANO
Weighing in at 33% lighter than regular lead, 'Nano' is the lightest core material ever made. Not only is Nano ultra-lightweight, but it is lead-free and highly flexible. Protect your body from radiation, your back from heavy lead, and eliminate the need for cumbersome disposal… choose Nano!

Extra thick shoulder pads, for comfort and chest pocket are standard.

  • Available in TWO Lightweight/Lead Free Protection Options. ProLite Medium is approximately 7.16# vs a NANO Medium @ approximately 5.87#

  • Protection: 0.50mm Front
  • Closures: Hook & loop fastener

  • Do You Need a Thyroid Collar, Back Support Belt, Carry Bag, Cleaner/Sanitizer Sprays, or Storage Rack to go with this apron?

    For PRINT nylon fabric color options:

    Solid Nylons, Ripstop and Vinyl fabric color options:

    For sizing options:

    Gender & Size:
    LeadFree Prolite

    (Stock # / Your Price)
    Ultra Light/Flexible LeadFree NANO

    (Stock # / Your Price)
    MALE X-Small
    AP-VALF-MXS / $435.00
    AP-VANA-MXS / $475.00
    MALE Small
    AP-VALF-MSM / $435.00
    AP-VANA-MSM / $490.00
    MALE Medium
    AP-VALF-MMD / $445.00
    AP-VANA-MMD / $510.00
    MALE Large
    AP-VALF-MLG / $460.00
    AP-VANA-MMD / $510.00
    AP-VALF-MXL / $485.00
    AP-VANA-MLG / $550.00
    MALE 2XL
    AP-VALF-M2X / $495.00
    AP-VANA-M2X / $625.00
    MALE 3XL
    AP-VALF-M3X / $525.00
    AP-VANA-M3X / $695.00
    MALE 4XL
    AP-VALF-M4X / $555.00
    AP-VANA-M4X / $740.00
    female X-Small
    AP-VALF-FXS / $430.00
    AP-VANA-FXS / $495.00
    female Small
    AP-VALF-FSM / $430.00
    AP-VANA-FSM / $495.00
    female Medium
    AP-VALF-FMD / $440.00
    AP-VANA-FMD / $510.00
    female Large
    AP-VALF-FLG / $455.00
    AP-VANA-FLG / $530.00
    female XL
    AP-VALF-FXL / $475.00
    AP-VANA-FXL / $580.00
    female 2XL
    AP-VALF-F2X / $490.00
    AP-VANA-F2X / $605.00
    female 3XL
    AP-VALF-F3X / $520.00
    AP-VANA-F3X / $675.00
    female 4XL
    AP-VALF-F4X / $625.00
    AP-VANA-F4X / $735.00
    22 digits/One Line Embroidery-on Apron
    APEMB0 / $25.00
    8 digits Embroidery-on Collar
    APEMB3 / $15.00

    General Information about our ProLite Elite Non-Lead Shielding Products.

  • A lightweight 0.5mm lead free shielding material.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Equivalent in shielding/protection to 0.50mm Pb (pure lead) at 100 kVp - which is the normal protection level of medical lead aprons. See below for actual tests on this material.

  • Warranty: ProLite Elite Aprons are made with the highest quality materials available, and we proudly stand behind them with a full guarantee on defects on workmanship and materials for one year following the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, neglect or use in non-medical/intended uses.

    New in 2023: NANO !
  • Weight: 33% lighter than lead, 2300 gsm @ 0.25mm
  • Composition: Cerium, Antimony, Rare earths, Plasticizers
  • Certifications: ASTM Certified
  • Weighing in at 32% lighter than lead, Nano is takes the stage as our lightest core material. Made from Tungsten and/or trade secret rare earths, Nano is highly flexible and is a fantastic option for those needing a ultra lightweight option. It is certified to ASTM testing standards.

    Monogramming Samples.

    How to Measure for your New Apron.
    Optional Apron Accessories.
    Stock #
    Option Description
    Your Price
    Embroidery 1 Line
    Specify: Above pocket
    22 Spaces Max.
    Embroidery 1 Line
    On Thyroid Collar
    8 Spaces Max.
    "POLY" Fabric Upgrade, Frontal Apron
    Apron Sleeve, Attachable
    specify snap or permanently sewn on
    Drop Shoulder (for both shoulders)
    Can be added to any of our
    aprons for easy removal
    Digitize Your Company/Team Logo
    If highly detailed or more than 2 colors, call for pricing
    Call to see if already templated.
    If so, just need "APLOGO" fee per location.
    Embroidered Custom Logo
    Per Placement
    Add "Back-Strap"
    Fabric Upgrade Frontal Aprons
    Fabric Upgrade Wraps and Vest/Skirt Sets

    Comparsion of X-Ray Protection between our
    Pro-Lite Elite Protection and Standard Lead Vinyl
    Measured Percentage of
    Direct Beam Attenuation
    Lot Number
    Number of Lead Vinyl
    Plys to obtain 0.5mm Pb
    60 kVp
    80 kVp
    Prolite Elite
    No-Lead Protection
    99.70 %
    98.42 %
    96.14 %
    92.85 %
    Lead Vinyl
    99.82 %
    98.49 %
    96.55 %
    95.70 %
    Measured Half Value Layer (HVL)

    Cards We Accept!
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