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       Clear-PB Exposure Compensation Filters.       

This product is being phased out - availability limited to remaining stock on hand!

  • Improve image quality
  • Filters are 30% lead by weight
  • Reduce the need for multiple exposures
  • Ensure a more uniform image density
  • Reduce patient exposure by selectively attenuating the x-ray beam
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Mounts to any collimator
  • Collimator light field is never blocked

  • CLEAR-Pb Compensation Filters eliminate the problems inherent in imaging a wide range of densities on one radiograph. Because they are far superior, they replace the bulky, heavy aluminum filters that block the collimator light field. In addition, CLEAR-Pb filters are only one-fifth as heavy as aluminum filters. And, they eliminate the use of gradient-speed intensifying screens.

    CLEAR-Pb filters are made of lightweight plastic that is 30% lead by weight. A unique "quick-stik" magnetic mounting

    system plus a filter holder that slides into the collimator tray ensure that the filter is held firmly in place. It also permits instant repositioning as the area and/or degree of filter coverage changes.

    Full-Spine Scoliosis Filter

    Tested and proven in FDA and specialized radiography studies...enables scoliosis radiography with more diagnostic detail and less radiation exposure.

    Chest X-Ray Compensation Filter

    For greater diagnostic detail over entire lung with fewer repeats. Reveals details that conventional x-rays usually miss.

    The CLEAR-Pb Chest X-Ray Filter eliminates a problem commonly encountered in chest x-rays: a portion of the lung field is usually severely underexposed because it is hidden behind the hilum. With the CLEAR-Pb filter, you can increase the beam intensity sufficiently so that all details of the lung and the posterior mediastinal field are clearly revealed. The CLEAR-Pb filter attenuates the x-ray beam while protecting the rest of the field from overexposure. You get clear

    diagnostic detail of the lungs, heart and spine.

    Lateral Decubitus X-Ray Compensation Filter

    Excellent diagnostic detail in double-contrast barium enema examinations.

    Lead-Plastic Filters

    Optional accessories recommended for use with Full-Spine Scoliosis Filters:

  • Breast Shields (model 57-409) Provides protection to the radiosensitive breast and lung parenchyma adjacent to the spine. Fully adjustable; may be used on the Filter Holder Assembly (57-426) with or without a compensation filter. Consists of two 3 x 3 inch steel/lead shields with magnetic tape on one side.

  • Adult Gonad Shield (Model 57-408) Shamrock-shaped insert has three overlapping lead circles (each 0.50 inch) cemented to clear plastic.

  • Pediatric Gonad Shield (Model 57-444) For imaging children and sacroiliac joints of adults. Overlapping lead circles are 0.25 inch.

  • Thin Buildup Filter (Model 57-430) Used with AP/PA filters for patients with measurements from 14 to 25 cm. Provides additional filtration in the cervical area to compensate for the added exposure that may be needed in the thoracic/lumbar area.

  • To obtain the optimum diagnostic detail, the AP/PA Wedge Filter (Model 57-405) should be used when performing full-spine examinations. First the Breast Shields (Model 57-409) are placed on the filter holder. The AP/PA Wedge Filter (Model 57-405) is placed on top of the Breast Shields. The Gonad Shield (Model 57-408) is placed below the AP/PA Wedge Filter. Buildup filters are used to provide additional filtration in the cervical area to compensate for the added exposure that may be needed in the lumbar area. Buildup filters are placed on the AP/PA Wedge Filter.

    This product is being phased out - availability limited to remaining stock on hand!
    Verify pricing and availability at time of order.

    Stock #
    Filter holder
    Typical Application
    Your Price
    2" Wedge Lateral Decubitus at 40" FFD
    3.4 oz.
    6.5 in
    2 in
    Yes (see 57-426)
  • All lateral decubitus position views
  • Angiography of neck and head (use 2 filters)
  • $512.00
    3" Wedge Lateral Decubitus at 40" FFD
    5.5 oz.
    6.5 in
    3 in
    Yes (see 57-426)
  • Suggested for children
  • $769.00
    (Required for 57-432, 57-433, & 57-441)
    Filter Holder (set of mounting plates included)
    24 oz
    6.5 in
    6.5 in
    Has two steel rails, 1"w x 5.5"d, for positioning filters and shields.
    Only one Filter Holder is needed per x-ray machine.
    Comes with a plexiglas cutter.
    Foot & Ankle Filter
    3.9 oz
    6.5 in
    2 in
  • AP foot
  • Podiatric equipment
  • $Call
    2" Wedge AP Foot at 40" FFD
    2 oz
    6.5 in
    2 in
    Yes (see 57-426)
  • Lateral and oblique
  • Axial view of calcaneus
  • $376.00
    Wall Rack
    8 oz
    12 in
    1 in
  • Can hold a complete Filter Set plus 3 to 5 extra filters.
    Two-sided foam tape holds the rach to the wall
    Replacement Mounting Plate
    6.5 oz
    9 in
    9 in
  • Attaches to filter holder with screws.
    Easily cut to fit collimator assembly. Set of two.
  • $100.00
    AP/PA 72" FFD)
    5 oz
    6.5 in
    2.5 in
    Yes (see 57-426)
  • Lateral chest
  • $512.00
    AP/PA (40" FFD)
    9 oz
    6.5 in
    4.125 in
    Yes (see 57-426)
  • Sectional, AP cervical thoracic
  • $692.00
    Lateral Cervical (72" FFD)
    3.2 oz
    6.5 in
    1.25 in
    Yes (see 57-426)
  • Lateral full spine (with 57-407 filter)
  • Lateral aortic arch
  • AP & Lateral Scoliosis studies.
  • $556.00
    Lateral Thoracic (72" FFD)
    2.6 oz
    6.5 in
    1.25 in
    Yes (see 57-426)
  • Oblique or AP esophagram (obese patients)
  • Lateral chest tomography
  • Routine lateral thoracic
  • $405.00
    Thin Buildup
    2.5 oz
    6.5 in
    2.5 in
    Yes (see 57-426)
    Thick Buildup
    3.5 oz
    6.5 in
    2.5 in
    Yes (see 57-426)
    Thin Wedge: for conventional machines
    8 oz
    6.5 in
    4.5 in
    Yes (see 57-426)
  • AP scanograms, for determination of long-leg length discrepancies
  • $648.00
    Thick Wedge: for conventional machines
    13 oz
    6.5 in
    4.5 in
    Yes (see 57-426)
  • Full-leg radiography (under bodyweight load)
  • Orthopedic angiographic
  • Cross table lateral hips
  • $769.00
    Adult Gonad Shield
    0.50 oz
    6.5 in
    1 in
    Yes (see 57-426)

    This product is being phased out - availability limited to remaining stock on hand!

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