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Barco - Innovative visual Technology! 2MP Medical Color Flat Panel Display System
See the Color Coronis in 3D!
Full Color Filmless Perfection For medical applications requiring high-resolution color images and 3D-rendering capabilities, Barco has engineered COLOR CORONIS® 2MP, the next generation medical color display system. Barco’s new COLOR CORONIS® 2MP brings enhanced functionality and performance in an ergonomic, space saving display system. Thanks to its outstanding optical performance and color consistency, COLOR CORONIS® 2MP offers an ideal solution for accurate diagnosis in a variety of medical applications, including PACS, ultrasound, orthopedic imaging, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, nuclear medicine and PET. Building on state-of-the-art CORONIS® technology, COLOR CORONIS® 2MP offers nothing less than full color filmless perfection.

  • High-resolution color LCD
  • COLOR CORONIS® 2MP features a 2 MegaPixel (1600 x 1200 resolution) 21" color LCD, offering softcopy performance without compromise. The system’s high contrast ratio and luminance results in superior image quality under all viewing conditions.

  • Perfect grayscale rendering
  • COLOR CORONIS® 2MP is optimized to display both color and grayscale medical data sets and is fully compatible with 2D and 3D applications. The flexible COLOR CORONIS® 2MP display system therefore provides a perfect integrated desktop solution.

  • Perfect color matching
  • Thanks to its built-in COLOR I-GUARD® technology, COLOR CORONIS® 2MP ensures

    perfect color matching in dual-head medical applications. In addition, COLOR CORONIS® 2MP can be combined with one or more grayscale displays to create a full hybrid display system.

    COLOR CORONIS® 2MP features and benefits:
    • Unique COLOR I-GUARD® technology ensuring outstanding color consistency and perfect DICOMcompliance at all times
    • High-performance 2D image rendering
    • Exceptional system performance in 3D applications
    • Perfect color matching in multihead configurations
    • High contrast ratio and luminance for superior image quality under all viewing conditions
    • Unique intervention-free Quality Assurance concept
    • Provides a perfect integrated desktop solution
    • Lowest cost of ownership
    • PIN-compatible

    COLOR I-GUARD® for optimum color consistency
    To ensure superior image quality and diagnostic confidence, COLOR CORONIS® 2MP makes use of Barco’s unique COLOR I-GUARD® technology. The compact, front-mounted COLOR I-GUARD® sensor located in the corner, continuously guards and adjusts luminance output and color consistency of the actual diagnostic viewing area at the front of the display. Barco’s COLOR I-GUARD® sensor truly sees what you see, thereby ensuring DICOM-consistency over time and across displays.

  • Portrait/landscape rotation
  • COLOR CORONIS® 2MP comes with a solid tilt and swivel base, allowing users to adjust the panel’s position to their preferred viewing angle or easily switch between portrait and landscape modes. Barco’s I-SWITCH® technology automatically detects if a user has changed the display’s orientation and optimizes the display controller’s settings accordingly.

  • 3D Support
  • COLOR CORONIS® 2MP comes with the highperformance COLOR CORONIS® display controller, which is especially designed to support 3D PACS. The PCI Express display controller features amazing image download speeds

    and optimized 3D operations through OpenGL and Microsoft DirectX 9.0. As a result, COLOR CORONIS® 2MP is ready for the latest 3D CT, MR and PET applications.

  • Automated Intervention-free
  • QA COLOR CORONIS® 2MP comes with Barco's user-friendly MEDICAL Pro softcopy QA solution. Combined with the COLOR I-GUARD® sensor, MEDICAL Pro provides automated image Quality Assurance with no need for human intervention. MEDICAL Pro tracks, maintains and logs viewing performance, automates QA tasks, initiates display system calibration and establishes an accurate DICOM Look-Up Table calibration. To assist with your efforts to comply with DIN 6868-57 and AAPM TG18 standards, Barco has developed user-friendly plug-ins for its MEDICAL Pro software that automate the entire process.

  • PIN-compatible for centralized QA
  • COLOR CORONIS® display systems are fully compatible with Barco’s revolutionary PIN (Product INtelligence) concept, which ensures worry-free diagnostic reading and image distribution. Barco’s PIN-compatible PACS products form a distributed network of webenabled, intelligent devices. The integrated COLOR I-GUARD® sensor constantly monitors image quality and DICOM-compliance. The collected data is transparently processed and logged with Barco’s MEDICAL software. The surrounding network of invisible, intelligent devices keeps you informed about the display system’s consistent quality.

  • Flexible configuration
  • COLOR CORONIS® has been enhanced to provide greater user-flexibility and a more personalized set-up. With MEDICAL Pro, a COLOR CORONIS® 2MP system can be configured to select a display’s maximum luminance or lifetime. With the ‘maximized luminance’ option, optimum performance in every stage of the display’s lifetime is guaranteed, whereas with the ‘maximized lifetime’ option, the

    display’s white luminance is adapted to provide extended lifetime while maintaining DICOMP14 compatibility.

    Multi-purpose medical display solution
    COLOR CORONIS® 2MP provides a multi-purpose medical display solution for a multitude of medical applications:
  • Allows standard grayscale imaging with color interface and annotations
  • Possibility to combine Barco’s grayscale and color solutions into a full hybrid system
  • Next generation 3D PACS
  • 3D volume rendering
  • 3D surface rendering of reconstructed surfaces
  • Ultrasound imaging and ultrasound PACS
  • Allows grayscale imaging with color interface and annotations
  • Ultra-fast rendering of 2D images
  • Orthopedic imaging
  • Allows grayscale imaging with color interface and annotations
  • Ultra-fast rendering of 2D images
  • Cardiology and cardiology PACS
  • Allows grayscale imaging with color interface and annotations
  • Ultra-fast rendering of 2D images

  • Ophthalmology, dermatology, nuclear imaging and PET
  • Consistent and reliable color imaging

  • Technology: TFT AMLCD - IPS
    Native resolution: 1600 x 1200 / 1200 x 1600
    Pixel pitch: 0.270 mm
    Active screen diagonal: 540 mm (21.3")
    Active screen area: 432 x 324 mm (17 x 12.8")
    Viewing angle: (Hor./Vert.) 170° (at 10:1 contrast)

  • Dark room contrast: 400:1 typical
    Max. luminance: 220 Cd/m2 (64.2 fL)
    Calibrated luminance: 130 Cd/m2 (37.9 fL) (native white)
    Stabilization, calibration and automated QA: Embedded, patented I-GUARD®

  • Digital video input: DVI (complying to DVI 1.0)
    Analog video input: VGA D-SUB15 connector, BNC (monochrome only)
    Display control & comm.: DDC (complying to DDC2 Bi standard), EDID
    Digital video / DDC input connector:One physical DVI connector, one cable
    USB: USB 1.1 hub with 1 up- and 2 down stream ports, USB end point
    Supported resolutions: 1600 x 1200 (Landscape), 1200 x 1600 (Portrait), VGA boot

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