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Arm Support!
Arm Support.
A unique device slips under mattress and patient to hold his/her arms along side while in a prone or supine position.
BeasyTrans Transfer Boards!
BeasyBoard Patient Transfer Systems.
A sliding patient transfer system which allow for a safe, low-effort transfer of patients from wheelchairs to tables/gurneys and much more.
Exam Tables for Medical Exams!
Exam Tables
A full line of exams tables from the most basic, the the Hi-Low Powered versions.
Radiolucent Immobilizer Strap!
Immobilizer Strap, Radiolucent.
A wide, radiolucent strap used to secure the patient position during, Radiographic, Fluoroscopic, CT, or MRI studies.
IV and Infusion Poles!
IV Poles / Infusion Pump Poles, and Accessories.
Wheeled and Non-Wheeled IV Pump / Infusion Pump Poles and a complete line of add-on's.
Merchant Board!
Merchant Board.
All solid oak construction makes this merchant board your best choice for those knee views.
MRI Safe Wheelchairs!
MRI Safe Wheelchairs.
Patient Wheelchairs which are safe up to 3-Tesla
Patient Measurment Caliper!
Patient Measurment Caliper.
A sliding caliper for measuring the thickness of body parts.
Radiology Patient Restraints!
Patient Restrains and Traction Systems.
Products to assist x-ray technologists during exams with patient restrain and traction.
Patient Elevation Step Platform!
Patient Elevation Steps/Weight Bearing Platforms.
A step system for applications where the patient needs to be raised above the floor for ankle, foot and other images.
Patient Stretcher!
Patient Transport Stretchers (8)
Patient stretchers/gurneys for safe transport of infirm patients.
MRI Safe Budget General Transport 540 Series 550 Series 750 Series Multi-Purpose Pediatric Stretcher/Crib
Patient Transfer Boards!
Patient Transfer Boards.
Patient transfer board with built-in hand grips. For use in transferring patients from bed to stretcher or radiology table.
patient Warming Blanket for Surgical Procedures!
Patient Warming Blanket.
A Patient heating blanket is used to provide warmth to patients before, during and after imaging and surgical procedures.
Maternity Bassinets!
Pediatric Bassinets.
Hospital Quality Maternity Bassinet's for use in both the NICU as well as other medical facilities.
Pediatric Patient Restraint System.
A full torso restraint system for small pediatric patients during radiology exams.
Positioning Aides!
Positioning Aides (10)
Foam Blocks and Sandbags for assistance in patient positioning.
CT Patient Arm Positioning Positioning Foam Lateral Decubitus MRI Safe Standard Sandbags MRI Safe Sandbags Head Support Sandsocks Veterinary Immobilizers Wheelchair Patient Positioning Sponge
Radi-O-Paque Extremity Rulers!
Radi-O-Paque Extremity Rulers.
These rulers are Radi-O-Paque but the letters are lead - allowing you mark distances on films.
Step Stools!
Step Stools and Seating Products.
A complete line of medical grade step stools, chairs, and regular stools for the radiology department
Brewer Stools OFM Stools/Chairs Pedigo Stools/Chairs Phlebotomy Chairs T/A Clinical Chair T/A Stools Step Stools PACS/Viewing Stations
Table Pads!
Radiology Table Pads (3)
Patient table pads for various modality imaging tables.
Standard MRI Storage
Valsbar Patient Support System!
Valsbar Patient Support System.
Designed to assist patients during lateral chest X-Ray exams. It helps patients keep their arms above their head while providing support to keep them steady.

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