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Fast Ship Lead Aprons!
Infab's lightning fast 24 hour ship aprons!
Select aprons from Infab that are ready to ship in 24 hours (business days only).
Infab Revolution Lead Aprons!
Infab's Revolution Series Aprons (8)
Infab's new protective apron line in Ki-Armor provides 40% greater protection against absorbed dose than other lead-free or low-Lead composite materials, and 20% more protection than standard Lead-based equivalents. All Revolution includes "Cool Wear" lining: the most in comfort! Moisture-wicking from the inside, waterproof from the outside, abrasian resistant, flame resistant, and finally bacterial resistant.
Full Overlap Lumbar Support Vest/Skirt Elastic Back, Full-Wrap Elastic Back Hook-n-Loop Frontal Frontal Black Belt Full Wrap with Black Belt Hook and Loop Frontal Lumbar Support Skirt and Vest Skirts and Vests
Weight relieving lead apron!
Hook and Loop Adjustable Apron.
A Hook and Loop Adjustable closure, front protection apron.
Adult Dental Apron with Collar!
Adult Dental Apron.
An Adult size dental x-ray apron available with, or without an integral thyroid collar.
Infab Buckle Half Apron!
Buckle Half Apron.
This half apron features a patient friendly easy on/off buckle including 2" nylon belt.
Childrens size dental lead apron!
Children's Dental Apron.
An pediatric sized dental apron/drape available with, or without a thyroid collar.
Dental Technician Apron!
Dental Technician Apron.
A coat style apron designed entirely with the dental technician in mind.
Infab Hook and Loop Adjustable Half Apron!
Hook and Loop Adjustable Half Apron.
The Hook and Loop Adjustable Half Apron boasts easy adjustments for all sizes with plenty of Hook-and-Loop Fasteners overlap on the 2" nylon belt.
Infab's 1
1" Super Buckle.
A Criss crossing one inch wide polypropylene straps hold the back of the apron securely in place.
Infab's 2
2" Wide Belt.
This apron has the same feel and comfort of Infab's Weight Reliever, but a buckle closure and criss-cross straps in back.
Infab's Black Belt Frontal Apron!
Black Belt Frontal Protection Apron.
A frontal protection apron has a full 6" wide belt made of orthopedic elastic that transfers 100% of the weight to your hips from your shoulders.
Infab's Black Belt Wrap Apron!
Black Belt Wrap Apron.
A full wrap-around protective apron that is also weight relieving.
Infab's Budget Saver Apron.
Budget Saver Apron.
Infab's low cost frontal tie apron is extremely easy to put on and remove due to it's sturdy polypropylene ties.
Infab's Elastic Back Frontal Protection Apron!
Elastic Back Frontal Protection Apron.
A front protection apron that is extremely "easy on, easy off" because of the two elasticized, crisscross arms that fasten to the front of the apron.
Infab's Full Coat Wrap Apron!
Full Coat Wrap Apron.
Infab's universally popular Full Coat Wrap design is widely accepted as being comfortable and easy to put on and take off.
Reverse Vest/Skit Lead Apron!
Reverse Vest & Skirt for Male & Female.
A unique design for both men and women which features solid front panels with no gaps, better lumbar support, and more adjustment than other vest/skirt/kilt designs.
Infab's Female Vest Skirt Combo!
Female Standard Vest Skirt Combo.
A vest/Skirt combo specifically designed for the female frame!
Infab vest Skirt!
Female Elastic Vest-Skirt Combo.
A Vest/Skirt with two six inch wide elastic panels that cross in the back to give you a better range of adjustment.
Infab's Male Vest Kilt Combo!
Male Standard Vest-Kilt Combo.
Infab's standard Vest/Kilt is designed specifically for the male frame.
Male Vest/Kilt Lead Apron.
Male Elastic Vest Kilt.
A vest/kilt, two-part apron combo for men.
Dental Panoramic Protection!
Panoramic Dental Apron.
Infab's 0.3mm dental panoramic apron provides complete patient protection during panograph x-ray exams.
Patient Lead Aprons!
Patient Protection Apron Set.
Infab's complete Patient Protection set available in Regular Lead protection only.
Infab's Special Wrap Apron!
Special Wrap.
An apron which was designed by an R.T. to solve some of the common problems found in other wrap arounds.
Infab's Surgery Drop Away Apron!
Surgery Drop Away.
A Surgical apron designed with Hook-and-Loop Fasteners shoulder tabs which allows an assistant to easily release your apron under sterile garments without disturbing the sterile field.
Infab's Surgery Drop Off Apron!
Surgery Drop Off.
The same as the Drop Away Apron but with the two "wings" criss-crossing in the back and using Hook and Loop Adjustable Fasteners to attach in the front.
Infab's Time Saver Lead Apron.
Time Saver Apron.
A fast on and fast off frontal protection apron.
Infab's Tri-Flap Lead Apron!
Tri-Flap Apron.
A frontal protection apron designed specifically for hi-level fluoroscopic studies. It features a gonadal flap at the bottom of the apron.
Lead Apron Accessories!
Apron Accessories (5).
Various supplemental products to enhance the performance of your leaded apparel.
Back Support Belts Carry Bags Racks/Hangers Cleaners Thyroid Collars

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