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Radiation Protective Aprons, Listed By Apron Type.

Quick ship lead aprons!
Fast Ship!
Quick ship lead aprons when you can't wait for production times!
Economy Lead Aprons!
Economy (2)
Aprons which are the best value for the money. Often in a more limited selection of fabrics and colors, but with the same protection as all our other aprons.
Infab's Budget Saver Wolf's Conventional
Full frontal protection lead aprons!
Frontal Protection Aprons with Buckle Closures (9)
Aprons which provide protection to the front of the body only and close with Snap-Buckles.
TA's EZ-Guard TA's Flex-Guard Infab's Revolution Frontal Black Belt Infab's 1" Super Buckle Infab's 2" Wide Belt Wolf's Coat PNWX ProLite Back Relief PNWX ProLite Buckle PNWX ProLite Wrap-Around Back Relief
Full frontal protection lead aprons!
Frontal Protection Aprons with Tie Closures (3)
Aprons which provide protection to the front of the body only and close with Fabric Ties.
Infab's Budget Saver Infab's Dental Technician PNWX ProLite Tie
Full frontal protection lead aprons with Hook and Loop Fasteners!
Frontal Protection Aprons with Hook-and-Loop Touch Closures (14)
Aprons which provide protection to the front of the body only and close with Hook and Loop Fasteners.
TA's EZ-Guard TA's Flex-Guard Infab's Revolution Series Elastic Back Frontal Infab's Revolution Series Frontal Infab's Time Saver Infab's Tri-Flap Infab's Hook & Loop Adjustable Infab's Elastic Back Wolf's Easy-Wrap Wolf's Easy-Wrap w/Collar PNWX ProLite Flexback PNWX ProLite Surgical Drop Flexback PNWX ProLite Surgical Drop PNWX ProLite Hook and Loop Adjustable
Wrap-Around Lead Aprons!
Front and Back Protection / Wrap-Around Aprons (9)
Full wrap-around protection for both the front as well as the back of your body. Also look at Vest/Skirts for this type of protection!
TA's Max-Guard Plus Infab's Revolution Full Wrap w/Black Belt Infab Elastic Back Full Wrap Infab's Full Coat Wrap Infab's Black Belt Wrap Infab's Special Wrap Wolf's SPA Wolf's Front-Closing Special Proceedure PNWX ProLite Wrap-Around Back Relief
Half Aprons!
Half Aprons (8)
Small half-sized lead aprons for full loin/gonad protection.
PNWX ProLite Half Infab's Buckle Half Infab's Hook and Loop Adjustable Half Infab's Patient Protection Set TA's Adult Lap-Guard TA's Ped's Lap-Guard TA's Pregnancy Half Wolf's Apronette
Pediatric Lead Aprons!
Pediatric Lead Aprons (5).
Complete Protection for your Pediatric Patients.
Infab's Childrens Dental Techno-Aide's Child Guard Techno-Aide's Dental Drapes Techno-Aide's Kids Lap-Guard All Pediatric Shielding Products.
Wrap Around Lead Aprons!
Vest and Skirt/Kilt Aprons (12)
Two-piece wrap around protection.
TA's Vest/Skirt Unisex Infab's Revolution Series Full Overlap Lumbar Support Vest/Skirt Infab's Revolution Series Vest & Skirt Infab's Revolution Series "Lumbar" Vest & Skirt Infab's Reverse Vest & Skirt Infab's Standard Vest-Skirt Infab's Elastic Vest-Skirt Infab's Standard Vest-Kilt Infab's Elastic Vest-Kilt Wolf's Vest/Skirt PNWX ProLite Standard Vest/Skirt PNWX ProLite Vest/Skirt w/Flex Back
Surgical Drop-Off Lead Aprons!
Surgical Drop-Off's / OR Aprons (8)
Apron's designed for easy removal without disturbing the sterile field.
PNWX ProLite Flexback w/Surgical Drop PNWX ProLite Surgical Drop TA's SDO TA's OR-Guard Infab's Surgery Drop Away Infab's Surgery Drop Off Wolf's SPA Wolf's Quick Drop
Weight releiving lead aprons!
Weight Relieving Full Aprons (11)
Aprons designed to help support the weight of the protection better and with less fatigue.
TA's Max-Guard Plus Infab's Revolution Elastic Back Frontal Infab's Revolution Frontal Black Belt Infab's Revolution Full Wrap w/Black Belt Infab's Revolution Hook and Loop Frontal Infab's Black Belt Frontal Infab's Black Belt Wrap Wolf's SPA PNWX ProLite Back Relief PNWX ProLite Vest/Skirt PNWX ProLite Wrap-Around Back Relief
Female pregnancy lead aprons!
Pregnancy Aprons (4)
Aprons specifically for pregnant females with extra protection in the fetal area.
PNWX ProLite Maternity Apron TA's Care-Guard Pregnancy TA's Pregnancy Half Half Aprons
Dental X-Ray Protection Aprons!
Dental Aprons (10).
Aprons designed for dental applications.
Infab's Adult with Collar Infab's Childs with Collar Infab's Children's Apron with Collar Infab's Panoramic Infab's Dental Technician Techno-Aide's Drape Flow's Bib Flow's Bib w/Collar Flow's Child's Bib Flow Panoramic
Lead Apron Accessories!
Apron Accessories (5).
Various supplemental products to enhance the performance and ease-of-use of your leaded apparel.
Back Support Belts Carry Bags Racks/Hangers Cleaners Thyroid Collars

Radiation Protective Aprons, Listed By Brand Names.

Techno-Guard, by Techno-Aide (13)
Manfactured by Techno-Aide, this top quality brand of lead apparel features a wide array of apron types and fabrics in three different protection types.
Care-Guard Pregnancy Pregnancy Half Child-Guard Dental EZ-Guard Flex-Guard Adult Lap-Guard Kids Lap-Guard Max Guard Plus OR Guard Scolio-Guard Surgical Drop Vest/Skirt
Infab (34)
Infab, a quality manfacture of lead protective apparel in a wide range of styles and fabrics to choose from. Most models available in three types of protection.
Quick Ship! Revolution Series Full Overlap Lumbar Support Vest/Skirt Revolution Series Elastic Back, Full Wrap Revolution Series Elastic Back Frontal Revolution Series Frontal w/Belt Revolution Series Full Wrap w/Belt Revolution Series Hook-n-Loop Frontal Revolution Series Lumbar Support Skirt/Vest Revolution Series Regular Skirt/Vests Hook and Loop Adjustable Adult Dental Buckle Half Children's Dental Dental Technician Hook and Loop Half 1" Super Buckle 2" Wide Belt Black Belt Frontal Black Belt Wrap Budget Saver Elastic Back Full Coat Wrap Reverse Vest & Skirt Female Vest-Skirt Female Elastic Vest-Skirt Male Vest-Kilt Male Elastic Vest-Kilt Panoramic Dental Patient Protection Set Special Wrap Surgery Drop Away Surgery Drop Off Time Saver Tri-Flap
Wolf X-Ray!
Wolf (9)
Long known brand in the radiology profession, Wolf X-Ray produces fine quality lead garments at a reasonable price. Most models are available in three different protection types.
Apron and Vests Half Apronette Coat Conventional Easy-Wrap Easy Wrap w/Collar Special Procedure Front Closing Special Procedure Quick Drop
Flow X-Ray!
Flow (4)
A line of quality aprons and drapes for the dental practitioner and their patients.
Bib Apron Bib Apron with Collar Childs Bib Apron Panoramic Apron
PNWX elite Radiation Protective Aprons!
PNWX Prolite Elite (12)
Our Best! This line of top-quality radiation protective apparel features no-lead protection and a wide array of styles to fit any protection need.
Back Relief Apron Buckle Flexback Surgical Drop Flexback Maternity Surgical Drop Frontal Tie Hook and Loop Adjustable Standard Vest-Skirt Flexback Vest-Skirt Wrap-Around Back Relief Half

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